Noah’s Garden

Conscious creativity

Noah’s Garden

Conscious creativity


Creating your own slice of paradise – a beautiful garden surrounding your island home – is the great Ibiza dream. Designing, executing and maintaining that garden in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner is the specialty of Noah’s Garden in Ibiza – a creative, conscious landscaping company founded by Karen Sailer and Bernd Brosius.

Since its inception in 1998, Noah’s Garden has created hundreds of stunning gardens for homes, fincas and villas across Ibiza. Set in a fairytale like space in San Lorenzo, it’s not your ordinary garden centre – rather than house plants onsite, the team visit your property to see where the sun falls, how the wind affects the area and what kind of soil is in place before designing a completely bespoke project.

Passionate about conservation, Noah’s Garden design outdoor spaces to be enjoyed. Eschewing sterile lawns and overly manicured grounds (which require too much water to be in line with their ethically driven ethos) in favour of wild grasses and indigenous flora, they look to nature and the rhythm of life for inspiration. Drawing on years of history and ancient wisdom and fusing this with modern techniques, they create gardens with a true wow factor.

Contemporary, wild, Mediterranean, pure – Karen and Bernd truly understand their clients’ tastes and desires. Their belief is that every garden created is an investment for future generations. Changing Ibiza, one garden at a time…

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