Ibiza restaurants: Nicoise Salad at Locals Only

Behind the scenes at the Ibiza town eatery Locals Only is a team dedicated to bringing guests the freshest, most locally sourced ingredients on the island.

Beautifully served up at this farm-driven foodie hotspot is a refreshing take on the classic Nicoise Salad. A rainbow of crunchy string beans, perfectly roasted red peppers, fresh watercress, and Kalamata olives come together tossed on top of a bed of fluffy organic quinoa. Sweet, luscious datterini tomatoes and the most perfectly soft boiled egg – yes, with a lingering runny yolk – frame the plate as organic tuna and wild caught anchovies of the Cantabrian sea provide an ideal balance of olive oil, salt and fish served in a delicate red wine vinaigrette.

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