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Majestic paradise

There’s nowhere else in the world quite like Hacienda Na Xamena for end-of-season rest and rejuvenation.

Nestled into a cliff on a stunning north-western stretch of the Ibiza coast, the majestic Hacienda Na Xamena is the perfect setting for end-of-season rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Words: Abby Lowe

For centuries, Ibiza has been revealing its secrets slowly but surely to the world, and while it’s universally acknowledged that the white isle is a version of paradise, not everyone knows that in a far north-western corner of Ibiza, Hacienda Na Xamena offers a unique slice of that perfection of its own. One of the last vestiges of undiscovered magic in Ibiza, the five-star hotel, gastronomic restaurant and luxury spa remains a paradise waiting to be found and those who seek it shall be thoroughly rewarded.

This autumn, as the pine forest surrounding Hacienda Na Xamena remains evergreen even as the temperature dips, there are a number of options available to both island residents and visitors who wish to create their own unforgettable experiences. Those wishing to admire every aspect of Hacienda Na Xamena during the brightest hours of daylight will relish the Cascadas package, which features a 45-minute session at the iconic Cascadas, and a nutritious, sustainable lunch at Edén Restaurant & Lounge, where every ingredient on the menu arrives exactly as was pre-ordained by nature.

The Na Xamena Fusión package includes a suite of wellness treatments at La Posidonia Spa plus sunset viewed from the picture perfect Cascadas, concluding with a delectable three-course tasting menu at Edén Restaurant & Lounge. And available throughout October and November, is the Glamorous Night offer, including a stay in a superior double room, entrance to La Posidonia Spa and the Cascadas, and special tasting menu at Edén Restaurant & Lounge – the perfect excuse to whisk someone special away for a day and night to truly remember.

Perched on a clifftop so high (180 metres above sea level to be precise) you feel like you’re teetering on the ends of the earth, Hacienda Na Xamena is where the sun’s eternal rays kiss blue-crested waves in the distance, its all-white façade is subtly nestled into the cliffs and guests fall under its mystical spell from the minute they arrive. Although the resort has been operating for over five decades, a sense of mystery and alchemy still permeates the atmosphere. Those who have experienced it like to keep their memories close to their chests – it’s a blissed-out alternate reality where authenticity thrives and clocks cease to tick.

Exploring the resort is a 360-degree journey unto itself – there’s the twists and turns of corridors and stairwells that lead to an array of suites, rooms, an indoor swimming pool and a lively lounge bar reminiscent of a literary Left Bank salon. There’s the stunning poolside terrace, where panoramic views of the Mediterranean take the breath away, especially on the cusp of the off-season, when apricot-tinged sunsets intensify and a crispness characterises the cool, fresh air. There’s the elegant surrounds of the Hacienda Na Xamena’s gastronomic hub, Edén Restaurant & Lounge, and the pièce de résistance is without a doubt the heavenly oasis of La Posidonia Spa and its world-renowned Cascadas – a water circuit like no other in the world.

Knowing all of this and experiencing all of it first-hand are two very different things. Secrets remain to be found within Hacienda Na Xamena and now is the time to explore, as the hotel remains open to discerning travellers and island locals until the end of November. Whether through an overnight stay, a wellness package, a tasting menu or a combination of each of these elements, immersing yourself within the Hacienda Na Xamena universe and this autumn is the perfect end-of-season gift to yourself or a loved one. Step away from the grind of daily life and embrace the slow pace that this spectacular venue embodies as you ease into the beautiful autumn months and celebrate new beginnings.

There’s nowhere better to rest relax and rejuvenate than La Posidonia Spa, a tranquil haven overlooking the Mediterranean, where the famous Cascadas – a stunning alfresco water circuit – appear like waterfalls and lead to one of the island’s most spectacular infinity pools. Massage, therapies and wellness rituals and alfresco experiences are at the core of every second spent at La Posidonia Spa and in the Cascadas — reverence for the location and beauty of nature soon follow, especially if you take your circuit as the sun begins its descent into the sea below.

Hacienda Na Xamena’s fine dining setting, Edén Restaurant & Lounge, shares the same respect for the elements, serving up plate after plate of delicious cuisine that’s harmoniously in tune with the earth. Head chef Alberto García takes his cue from the surrounding landscape, offering an unforgettable dining experience that’s seasonal, sustainable and stylish in equal measure. Drawing on the island’s culinary heritage and giving it a high-end twist, every ingredient used is entirely organic, with most fruits and vegetables plucked directly from the onsite organic garden, while the majority of remaining produce is sourced from Ibiza’s rich, fertile land. A love letter to the island’s abundance, lunches and dinners at Edén Restaurant & Lounge linger long in the memory.

Then of course, there are the hotel dwellings – a series of contemporary rooms and suites that pay homage to island architecture and use the surrounding landscape as a design detail. Bathed in white, with flecks of Ibicencan style and boasting majestic sea views, each of the rooms at Hacienda Na Xamena boast large luxurious beds and whirlpool tubs. Some of the larger suites have balconies ensconced by palm trees and bountiful, indigenous plants, while others have their own garden terraces with private outdoor plunge pools. They each blend indoor and outdoor living, once again spotlighting the incredible natural beauty of Ibiza’s dramatic northern coastline. Falling asleep is like a dream; waking up to that view is the dream come true.

Needless to say, there is nowhere in Ibiza that can raise a toast to a special occasion in quite the same way as Hacienda Na Xamena. This incredible venue exists within its own divine bubble, unaffected by the surrounding world – a timeless icon that serves as a sanctuary hidden amid Ibiza’s pine-fringed hills. Ibiza is blessed with beautiful weather even as the seasons transition – the perfect time to be truly submersed within island life and discover paradise.