Miss W’s blog: 7 ways to beat the June heatwave

Oh June. How you love to surprise us. Last year, it was an uncharacteristically overcast and cool month. The year before it was incessant rain. But this year, you started out all sunshine-y and blissful… here in Ibiza we couldn’t believe our luck! Until last week… when you unleashed your full steam (literally) high summer temperatures on us.

Blazing rays of sun, 36 degrees at lunch time, and extreme humidity by night – it seems 2012 is the year of the heatwave! Fine by me – I’ve found seven of best ways in Ibiza to beat it!

  1. Hit the beaches after 5pm: Cala Salada, Punta Galera, Cala Tarida, Cala Gracioneta… the location of these western beaches means the sun shines on the sand until 9pm, so you can still have a long session without the intense midday sun. The water on this side of the island is the perfect temp to keep swimming right until sunset.
  1. Make the most of the best Ibiza restaurants with air conditioning! Sure, none of us feel inclined to eat a big meal in the summer heat, but then again, why should we give up indulging in such great food just because of high temperatures. Our favourite air-conditioned spaces: Minami by Ushuaia, Ama Lur, Bambuddha Grove and Villa Mercedes. Or alternatively, you could…
  1. Make the summer switch with your eating habits. If the hot weather makes your appetite diminish, roll with it. Hearty summer salads at La Sardina Loca, the amazing sashimi and sushi at Nagai and Nassau, cold soups at The Giri Café, fruit platters at Jockey Club and of course, delectable ice cream, gelato and sorbet (Try Ushuaia, El Chiringuito and Aura) for desserts!


  1. Water, water, water! Drink it (take your pick, sparkling or still, but as much as you possibly can), immerse yourself in it (see the best beaches above, or if you can’t wait until that late in the day, try one of Ibiza’s huge indoor swimming pools in San Antonio, Santa Gertrudis or the remarkable indoor water circuit at Revival Wellness Centre, Santa Eulalia or the famous Cascadas Suspendidas at Hacienda’s Spa La Posidonia) or spend the day on it, with an Ibiza boat charter to zip you over to Formentera’s clear water’s in a flash.
  1. If you can’t acclimatise yourself, acclimatise your home. Emilio Arias of Domo-tek is an expert in such things and can install state-of-the-art domotic systems that are smart enough to know exactly when you’re coming home and can switch on the air-con, cool down the house and get the swimming pool Jacuzzi bubbling. Without the heat that is!
  1. Update your wardrobe. Clearly a shift in temperature requires a shift in your style and thankfully plenty of this season’s hottest trends come with built in ventilation, such as crocheted tops, dresses and jackets or super-sheer maxi-skirts but who wants to pound the pavements in the steamy Spanish heat? Personal shopper Renu Kashyap to the rescue! After a personal consultation regarding your style, taste, size and colourings, stylist Renu will do all the hard work for you, returning to your hotel, villa or apartment with a selection of looks for you to choose from!
  1. Retreat to the spa. Sometimes, there’s just nothing else one can do but lie back and be pampered in the cool, air-conditioned comfort of a spa treatment room. Whether a refreshing facial, revitalising massage or cooling pedicure you’re after, the best bit (after the treatment itself of course) about booking in to Atzaro or Revival is that you’re free to use the spa facilities, particularly the swimming pool, afterwards.