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Richie Hawtin

How he went from geek to chic

Photos: Igor Ribnik and Phrank, courtesy of Space Ibiza

Move over Luciano. There’s a new king of clubs in town. Enter Richie Hawtin. The artists formerly known as Plastikman has firmly made his mark on the Ibiza clubbing scene in 2012, making Space on Thursdays – sorry, Enter.Space on Thursdays – THE place to be. If you’re only going to go out to one party in a week in Ibiza, make it this one.

But how did he do it? How did Richie Hawtin – who let’s face it, was always highly influential and super famous for his musical prowess but had never really been fashionable flavour of the month a la Luci – go from ultra geek to über chic in just a matter of a few parties?

I have a few theories…

1. It’s all in the marketing. Behind every great man is a great marketing team. And Richie’s are the bomb. That black dot is everywhere you look around the island – from the obvious billboards, flyers, magazine advertising and t-shirts to wristbands, semi-permanent tattoos (give it time, some geeky fan will no doubt get the real deal inked up), black dot confetti exploding over the Space Discoteca (see end) and giant circular balloons hovering over the sea at Salinas. Yes, you heard me. Salinas. The ultimate marketing pre-party. Check it out here.

2. Ibiza needed a new hero. After years of worshipping at the altar of self-proclaimed hero Papa Sven or jumping on (and off, and then on again) the Vagabundo bandwagon, it was time for someone else to shine. Hawtin has made himself accessible to ‘the people’ in a way none of his predecessors have. Bringing big names to the most intimate room in club early in the night, walking around the room and offering Sake to one and all (more on that later), hanging with his fans at the pre and after parties (see above and below). Offering all night long guest list to island workers so they don’t miss out, issuing special access all areas wristbands to a select crew of islanders (yes, I have one!) to hang with him behind the booth and offering discounts to those who get into the Enter spirit by wearing dots to the party. And above all, posting his every move on his official Facebook page – complete with obligatory ‘chuffed face’ photos – so we can share in all of Richie’s glory. Honestly, it makes my heart swell, really it does.

Richie Hawtin, Enter. Space

3. He’d been masterminding this move for oh, about 12 years. Of course, the beauty of a geek is that we all know they are super switched on, watching and observing quietly until the time to strike. After years of watching all the other DJs in the spotlight, Richie realised the time was now to claim his title, as Ibiza’s club scene was ready for a revitalising revamp! ‘After an incredible and life-defining relationship with Sven and the Cocoon family on the island, I felt the time was right to develop my own vision on what an Ibiza experience might be. Ibiza is a destination for people from all walks of life looking to escape and celebrate. This year we will give people an entry into a world that connects many of the things that I love: music, technology, Japanese sake, art, entertainment and design. As Ibiza is a crossroads of people from all over the world, ENTER. will be a crossroads of experiences!’ Geek translation: ‘I’ve been plotting this for the last 12 years. Watch me swoop in and do it better than any of you could have imagined.’

Richie Hawtin, Enter at Space

4. The Sake made him do it. ‘The Sake community reminds me of our electronic music scene, a small, independent tight knit community filled with creative people trusting their intuition and following their feelings to produce something truly unique.’ Geek translation: Like all geeks, Richie – obsessed with Japanese culture – just wants a chance to justify indulging in his tipple of choice, namely premium Japanese Sake shaken, stirred and even smoked into selection of cocktails, specially created for the ENTER.Sake room (aka El Salon). And he should know – like every good geek, Richie is currently studying to become a fully professional sake sommelier. My advice? Don’t give up your night job!

5. It was only a matter of time with that haircut. Because he’s worth it. Just like Skrillex, Luciano and Guetta before him…

Richie Hawtin, Enter. Space

There are only four Enter.Space parties left folks. Do. Not. Miss. Them.

P.S. Luciano, I still [insert heart symbol] you.

Richie Hawtin, Enter. Space