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Adios Argh-ust!

Miss W breathes a sigh of relief

Can you feel it? That monumental, collective sigh of relief, from island residents and seasonal workers all across Ibiza, because August is finally, well and truly over?

It’s a lovely feeling, that kind of washes over you like a warm wave lapping your toes on the sand at Aguas Blancas on a balmy 28-degree September day… What about now that I’ve pointed it out? Can you feel it now?

So just what is it about September that has all waxing so overly lyrically? Why is it so preferential to its predecessor (who I’ve always liked to refer to as ARGH-ust)? Well, I’m glad you asked…

*The weather changes almost literally overnight – the annual bout of autumnal rain washes away any angst and the cooler temperatures are a delight after so much humidity. It is literally like the winds of change sweep through the island… but still leave it warm enough to go to the beach, swim and dine alfresco!

*Speaking of the beach – you’ll have no problem finding a space (be it parking, sand or sunbed) anymore. No longer are Ibiza’s beaches chaotic and noisy – rather, tranquil and laidback.

*There are (noticeably) less cars on the roads everywhere, less traffic, more parking and less people on the streets. Navigating Vara de Rey is no longer a chore and actually a lovely little jaunt down a pretty street!

*The legendary Ibiza light turns golden. Sunsets get even more beautiful and sunrises are beyond breathtaking, with this dreamy hue reflected in the water around the coastline and in the port – whether you’re getting up or going to sleep when you see them, there is just something so magical to behold!

*Once she’s totally risen from her slumber, the morning sun is much more soft and bearable so you can start rummaging through the San Jordi and Cala Llenya flea markets again – and the best part is, there’s even better stuff there now as workers preparing to leave the isle for winter are casting off their unwanted goods!

*If second hand or vintage isn’t your thing, that’s ok – the shops begin reducing the prices of their summer stock dramatically. Many of them close for winter and they don’t want to be stuck with last season’s collections come next Easter when they reopen, which means there are plenty of bargains to be had.

*You get better service everywhere you go. In fact, waitresses, waiters and shop assistants can even be spotted SMILING!

*You have time to start eating healthily and exercising and can swap grabbing slices of pizza and cans of Red Bull on the run for fruit, veggies and homecooked meals after the gym.

* The clubbing line-ups get more interesting and less commercial. Plus there’s plenty more space on the dancefloor! You can practically smell the slew closing parties in the air (stay tuned for our club closing party special on Friday for all the need-to-know dates).

* Your workload has lightened considerably and you can find time to finally catch up with friends that you haven’t seen since the openings… usually at the closings!

*For visiting friends, hotel and Ibiza villa rates are cheaper, as are flights. All the more reason to visit us in September my dears!

*You can start planning your own off (or on!) island holidays… the end is in sight!