The Ibiza Bikini Body Challenge by Miss W

Well, well, well… Look who’s put on a few extra kilos over the festive season. Obviously not the girl in the picture. YOU. I’m talking to you. There ain’t nobody else here, so I must be talking to you.

Oh wait. And ME. I’m the one typing, and there ain’t nobody else here either, so I must be talking to me (the first sign of craziness, right?). Although if you’re still reading and paid attention to my first paragraph, perhaps you and I are in this thing together.

Yes indeed, Miss W Ibiza has gotten lazy over the past few months (since the summer ended to be precise), ditching dancefloors for dinners, salads for spaghetti and the treadmill for TV. Yeah sure, there was a brief bout of the break-up diet (those telltale gaunt cheekbones that came complete with hollowed out eyes), but it was nothing that couldn’t be rectified with a few weeks of good old fashioned comfort eating.

Followed by overeating at Christmas, leftovers galore on Boxing Day, drinking far too much at New Year (well, it was DC10 after all!) and then the mad panic to scoff everything deemed fattening/bad/unhealthy in the house before the January 3 detox failed to kick off (she says, typing with one hand, while holding her first and last Big Mac of the year in the other on January 11).

Which leads us to RIGHT NOW. Like a lot of people out there at this time of year, I wouldn’t say I was hugely overweight, but my sequined shorts are just a little too tight (shudder!), last winter’s leather jacket pinches just a tad under the armpits and although a new wardrobe sounds appealing (it is sale time after all), going up a dress size does not.

So let’s do something about it. Join me on my Ibiza Bikini Body Challenge, whether you’re here on the island or anywhere else around the world! We start on Monday – who’s in? By the way, did I mention there’s only 11 weeks until Easter, which is when the first of the Ibiza opening parties start to happen?

You can follow my progress via this new blog, documenting my diet strategies (goodbye fast food and hello juice detoxes, raw food programs and healthy eating plans) and exercise regime (will it be yoga, Pilates, personal training, a gym membership or power plates that finally gets me off the sofa?), trying and testing new slimming treatments, therapies and beauty products in the lead up to summer. In the interest of keeping it real and honest, I’ll also be submitting regular weigh-ins, measurements, food diaries and (GULP!) photos.

What the hell am I thinking? Wish me luck!