Ibiza bikini body challenge: Willpower

Who else fell off the diet and exercise wagon in January? Surely it wasn’t just me… Was it? Well, at least I’ll admit it…

You see the thing is… there were friends returning to Ibiza after spending the festive season in the UK… cue welcome back dinners and lots of drinking. There were friends leaving on their winter travels, heading to warmer climes for the next few months… cue farewell dinners and lots of drinking. There were friends who were staying put in Ibiza with me… cue long sunny ‘yay-the-weather-is-still-damn-amazing’ lunches and yes, lots of drinking.

Friends… who needs them? (Disclaimer: Me! I do!)

Excuses, excuses. I can’t blame my friends ENTIRELY (although I’d like to). There’s this little thing I’ve heard and read a lot about recently called WILLPOWER. Apparently I was born without it, and it’s not something you can pick up at the market when you’re grabbing your organic oranges and your almond milk (see, I did TRY to jump on the wagon at some point). Nor can you find it in the pharmacy when you’re getting copious amounts of painkillers for those hangovers. Oh, and you CERTAINLY can’t get it at the McDonald’s drive-through.

On the plus side, it seems willpower is in fact, something you can develop. It’s a simple matter of self-discipline (or so ‘they’ say). If you want something badly enough – say, that Ibiza bikini body – then you should visualise every time you’re faced with temptation to help. Bikini body versus Big Mac? It’s a no-brainer (unless you’re hungover of course).

One of the things I have come to realise in the past few weeks – as I constantly beat myself up over eating that extra biscuit, driving somewhere close rather than walking, eating carbs after 11pm and the rest – is that I DON’T have the strength of mind to do this alone.

Because let’s face it – I’m no expert. I’m not a nutritionist. I’m not a personal trainer. And I’m certainly not a psychologist! How can I expect to embark on a lifestyle overhaul just based on articles I’ve read in glossy magazines or on the internet? I am flummoxed at times – should I start with a juice detox? Can I go to the gym while I’m fasting? How many times a week do I REALLY need to practice yoga? What’s the deal with raw food? WHY must I stop eating chocolate to look good?

Which is why, rather than comfort eat over my guilty feelings, I have decided to call in the experts. I’ve booked myself in for a consultation with Ibiza’s weight loss experts at Revival Wellness Club next week, where they will be measuring my (GULP!) body fat and muscle, evaluating my stats (and maybe even my diet!) and then recommending the appropriate course of action for me. All of a sudden, it’s not just myself I’ll be letting down if I slip up. With the pressure to succeed in the eyes of others, all of a sudden this ‘challenge’ becomes more real (and my competitive streak gets a chance to rear its head) and I have more determination to stick to my guns already.

Over the past week, I have given up eating bread and drinking wine during the week. I’ve cut my sugar intake by about half. I’ve switched Coca Cola (my biggest weakness) for water (and I’ll admit I’ve had withdrawal headaches every day too). I’ve gone for a quick 30 minute walk every day this week. Surely that’s a start – things in moderation? Stay tuned for the official verdict next week!