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Miss W’s secrets #7 – Blowout Ibiza

I have a secret to tell. The truth is, at the end of every month, I look and feel like absolute doom.

I have a secret to tell. The truth is, at the end of every month, I look and feel like absolute doom. In the lead up to our magazine deadlines, I sleep around 3 hours a night, feel like I am always interviewing, transcribing and writing in between styling photo shoots… and let’s not even get into just how many parties there are to go to each and every night!

So the frazzled, exhausted shell of a Miss W at the end of each month needs a serious beauty boost before she can hit the town. Thankfully, I have a secret weapon – something I like to consider the home delivery version of hair and make-up (although let’s be clear – this is more like a high-end sushi service than your local Chinese takeout) – when it comes to sorting myself out.

Ladies (and gentlemen, should you be interested), I give you… Blowout Ibiza.

Coming directly to my apartment or my office when I need them (ahem, have them on speed dial), the lovely Blowout professional stylists have the ability to transform me from desk to dancefloor, boardroom to bar or computer to club in a flash. With a menu of six pre-designed Ibiza-inspired looks that can be mixed and matched to suit your style, your hair, your skin and your look on that particular occasion, it’s as simple as choosing which Ibiza girl you want to be that night, and letting them do all the hard work for you.

Last night, I fancied myself as ‘The Bohemian’ – my all-time favourite of all the looks, and perfect for hippie parties or techno dance-athons alike, depending on where your whim takes you. I just can’t go past the intricate fishtail and vibrant turquoise eyes – both looks I could never recreate myself and just love, love, love! Meanwhile, My Blowout buddies for the evening opted for ‘The Sunset Siren’ and ‘The Jetsetter’ – ensuring we all looked totally diferent.

If I was home alone, the girls would have worked their magic on me in the comfort of my own living room, but because we’d just wrapped up the latest edition of our mag, we thought it was worth splurging on the full shebang – the full Blowout team coming to one of the White-ettes lovely gardens*, complete with their mobile beauty unit (perfect for villa parties, after parties and weddings alike), which meant one of us could be having our make-up done while the other had her hair primped and preened. So of course… we had to add cava!

Like a little slice of Hollywood, delivered to your door, the units are glossy, glam beauty stations with the obligatory light bulbs lining the mirrors. Chock-full of high-end beauty brands – MAC, Make Up Store, GHD and Davines – plus about a zillion cool tools, it’s like an entire beauty salon has been condensed and delivered to your party.

Isn’t it funny how the minute someone else takes control of your hairbrush (well, technically it was their own entire set of covetable GHD brushes), the world just seems to melt away? Before I knew it I was yabbering away about where the night could take me… Flower Power, Carl Cox or a sophisticated dinner at Km5… decisions, decisions.

Before I knew it, my skin was glowing and bronze, as if I’d spent the afternoon in the sun, my eyes were as bright as if I’d had eight hours sleep AND eight glasses of water and my lashes lush like a baby doll. My hair can only be described as epic (and no matter how many times I have a lesson in ‘how to fishtail’, I can never ever get it looking that good) and the icing on the cake was the beautiful floral headband I’d chosen with Flower Power in mind. These cool accessories are yours to keep for an extra 10€ on top of the regular fee, which if you ask me is well worth it!

Apart from leaving the house with a totally new look that I could never have created myself, the next best thing about Blowout is just how good you feel after the session of pampering… and a couple of glasses of cava! Forget the work stress, forget the deadlines, forget the impending doom of tomorrow’s hangover… for now, I am ‘The Bohemian’ and I’m going to spend my night accordingly!

*White-ette’s garden for the occasion was actually the lovely new Beachouse restaurant in Playa den Bossa – well, we’ve practically lived there ever since it opened! In addition to mobile visits, Blowout Ibiza also have pop-up mini-salons, found in Beachouse, Blue Marlin and a full set-up in the spa at Destino Ibiza.