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Jazz in the hills

Miss W’s secrets #10 – Can Domingo

As another hot and steamy Saturday night in Ibiza crept up on us, team White decided we wanted to do something different.

We wanted to get dressed up. We wanted to go out. We wanted to do something sophisticated, something fun, and something you can’t do every other night of the week in Ibiza.

Which, when you think about it, is a pretty tough call, given that Ibiza is brimming with millions of things to do any given night of the week! 

But thankfully for us, there were whispers of a new weekly happening in the hills of San Jose, an open air dinner event to celebrate the opening of a new champagne and cocktail lounge, complete with live jazz. LIVE JAZZ! Now that’s something different to the typical 4/4 beat bonanzas we usually get to hear over our dinner (not that I’m usually complaining) conversations. The closer the weekend came, the more we got excited to make the trip to the campo – and of course, planning our outfits!

The place in question? Can Domingo, the beautiful Italian fine dining restaurant set in an ancient finca, decorated in charming, country-style furnishings and boasting a laid-back elegance that very few Ibiza restaurants can rival. It’s all about enjoying the moment, and letting said moment last…

As you drive through the San Jose hills, the restaurant’s softly lit silhouette appears like a magical little floating mirage in the hills, looking as if it were suspended on clouds, giving you a feeling of mystery, of magic, and excited anticipation about what’s to come.

As we continued down the bumpy, dark camino (the darkness of the countryside adding further to the building intrigue), passing ‘beware the bunny’ signs that must be a tongue-in-cheek nod to the restaurant’s Donnie Darko-esque logo, I couldn’t help but feel like we were heading to a secret member’s club party, an eyes wide shut style affair or even an underground rave – it was just so tranquil and quiet with no clue as to what was further ahead!

Once we arrived at Can Domingo however, the atmosphere couldn’t have been further from tranquil – the restaurant was completely full and buzzing with excitement, while the airwaves were full of the sweet strains of the jazz troupe playing in the garden (and also with the smell of delicious Italian food wafting through the air) contrasting with the clink of champagne glasses.

Mmmm, did someone say champagne? As we were ushered into the champagne and cocktail lounge (which is actually the gorgeous alfresco bar built on an ancient stable and under an olive tree in the garden), the bubbles were free flowing and we sipped and strolled through the magical garden space, under the stars and the twinkling lanterns hanging elegantly from the trees.

Whether you came for the full dinner experience or just a drink (or three) and to enjoy the music, it felt like you were taking part in a modern day fairytale.

For me, strolling around Can Domingo feels a little like Alice must have felt after falling through the rabbit hole – there’s always some quaint or quirky detail catching your eye, making you check out a new space, wall, cabinet, piece of furniture… from cute little wall hangings and tapestries, to the huge, art deco inspired bird-themed wallpaper installations, the attention to detail is immaculate (and very Instagram-able!).

With romantic tables for two set in cozy corners, big, long tables for families and groups on the lower level, there is a space for everyone at Can Domingo… It was a sophisticated, older crowd in attendance… plenty of designer clothes and investment handbags had my eyes kept wide open everywhere I looked!

Speaking of fashion and style, within the finca was a truly gorgeous pop-up store, curated by our good friend Anisya Sam of Solis Lucrum. Amazing couture creations, impressive costume jewellery, soft and silky kaftans, one-off vintage creations and even a cool range of menswear tempted me from the rails and beautiful wooden cabinets… only in Ibiza can you go out to hear some live jazz and go home with a diamante encrusted wrist cuff!