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FlipFlop fun!

Miss W enjoys some fun in the sun

FlipFlop at Atzaro Beach on Cala Nova, this summer’s hit new daytime party with a whole lotta personality.

After a few hectic weeks of working like a lunatic, last week felt like the pace was finally slowing down (I’m talking about workload here, not the island, which is definitely heating up and getting super busy!) enough to let loose. Just a little. Nothing TOO crazy… but some fun in the sun was definitely in order. The occasion? FlipFlop at Atzaro Beach on Cala Nova, this summer’s hit new daytime party with a whole lotta personality. Let me elaborate…

Taking place every Wednesday from 2pm, we arrived in the blazing summer heat at around 5pm, ready for an icy cold cool-down cocktails and greeted by the sight of happy faces in colourful clothes, with plenty of kids and families soaking up the sun, dining in the Atzaro Beach restaurant and with a super inviting, relaxed ambience instantly tempting us inside.

Of course, with a name like FlipFlop, the dress code was obvious – ditching the footwear was de rigueur! The event, presented by Dutch company TYN (also known as Mynth Events), is styled by White Ibiza collaborator and super stylist herself Renu Kashyap from cool inflatable props including sea creatures, palm trees, surfboards and rock & roll guitars to larger than life flip flops (or course!), glittering disco balls and lanterns giving the venue a retro, California beach bar vibe.

But Renu’s piece de resistance had to be the awesome custom-created chandelier made entirely of – you guessed it – flip flops! A vision of blue and red hanging from the ceiling, you could understand why so many eyes were looking towards the roof when you walked in!

In addition to awesome style, delicious cocktails and yummy fingerfood snacks, FlipFlop features a pop-up boutique by Solis Lucrum – a cornucopia of colour, sparkle and retro glamour, plus gorgeous dancers (given the retro pin-up look by the Smack Ibiza hair and make-up team) and awesome music courtesy of resident DJs including Ken Abel, Cat Carpenters and Sweaterboy, with special guests like Willie Graff dropping in every week.

As the sun started to go down, the action really did start to heat up as the (super hot!) dancers took to the custom made ‘Power Showers’ for an unforgettable performance, dancing beneath the shower jets. While the ladies were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the muscular boys, the boys were enamoured with the pin-up babes and the little ones all gagging to have their very own turn under the water.

Winding up at the civilised hour of midnight, FlipFlop has a few more weeks left of its Ibiza residency and promises to get bigger and better – with even MORE surprises up its sleeves. Remember, leave the fancy footwear at home folks!

TYN Events are available for creative direction and show management for shows, photo shoots, events, weddings, private parties, DJ management and more.