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The boutique where Barbie met bunny ears

Miss W’s secrets - Kurru Kurru!

While Ibiza’s music geeks were getting their kicks at the annual IMS grand finale, I took the opportunity to escape Dalt Vila for the night.

While Ibiza’s music geeks were getting their kicks at the annual IMS grand finale, I took the opportunity to escape Dalt Vila for the night, crossing to the other side of the port for the unveiling of Ibiza designer Marinela Cifteli’s new Kurru Kurru boutique. Since you could hear the music booming across the water anyway, I figured I had the best of both worlds!

Set at the end of the Paseo Maritimo, just before reaching the end of the street, the über-chic storefront is set back from the road, giving it a feeling of exclusivity. The latest feather in Marinela’s cap (or, kitty ears as the case may have been on this occasion!) is a sassy, sexy and chic space (I’d expect nothing less) bursting with evidence of her creativity and femininity, and that of her collaborators, including long-time co-conspirator, milliner Julia Cranz.

Flutes of pink champagne clinked in the air, mingled with the distinct ‘mwack’ of constant air-kissing. Cute canapés were being circulated by equally cute waiters, and Ibiza’s style set were wolfing them down like they’d never seen a mini ice cream cone before – who said fashion people don’t eat?

Scantily clad models braved the breeze to show off their Kurru Kurru ensembles, making the rest of us mere mortals feeling like dumpy wallflowers, no matter how many hours of yoga we’d done that day. But no one could outshine the woman of the hour, as Marinela worked the room in her aforementioned sassy kitty ears, showing off her latest lacy collections, elegant kaftans and floaty princess skirts – something for all Ibiza girls.

Intimate the Kurru Kurru boutique may be, however the small space was perfectly packed with absolutely everything a girl (and perhaps a few guys!) could dream of. In fact, speaking of intimacy, the glass-topped counter held quite a few naughty accessories – and this time, we’re not talking fashion – that had everyone talking (“But where do you…? How do you…? Who do you…? Huh?”) and giggling like a bunch of schoolgirls!

In addition to the toys, one corner held a collection of absolutely divine underwear, ranging from sweet to sexy and including some truly stunning corsets (resulting in my new mantra of “must do more yoga, must do more yoga”). Designer label shades, metallic iPhone covers, amazing headpieces, hand-crafted leather accessories and super cool jewellery complemented Marinela’s collections.

My favourite feature of the store (after the clothes of course!) however, is the wall covered in Barbie dolls, in all different poses and err, pieces! I was also drawn to the quirky bunny masks and bling – oh what fun I could have if I had a credit card with no limits in this place! Like Alice down a rabbit hole…