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Summer, I’ve missed you!

So let’s have a little recap now, shall we?

Wow. What an amazing weekend we just had here in Ibiza. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be sitting at your desk scoffing Red Bull right now.

Photos: Noam Ofir

Wow. What an amazing weekend we just had here in Ibiza. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be sitting at your desk scoffing Red Bull right now, still recovering from the mammoth opening parties but grinning from ear to ear at the memories. And if you’re not, well, chances are you weren’t at the aforementioned parties!

It was all eyes on Guy Gerber last Wednesday night, as he debuted his all-new (and slightly odd sounding) Wisdom Of The Glove residency at Pacha. Packed to the rafters, it felt like all hands back on deck as you couldn’t swing a cat (or would that be a glove? A 150,000€ glove?) without bumping into someone you know, someone you work with, someone you hadn’t seen in almost eight months or in some cases, someone you wanted to avoid! I have to admit to sneaking out early… some of us have to work on Thursday mornings and aren’t QUITE into the swing of seven-nights-a-week clubbing yet.

Thursday night it was a different story however, as I rushed through my workload in order to finish with enough time to make it to the International Music Summit – which just so happens to be right on my doorstep! Nothing like a sound check to inspire you to leave the house! Schmoozing backstage, running around the festival style site, taking crazy photos, raving like a lunatic to the pop-inspired sounds of Fatboy Slim… check, check and check mate. And then tucked up in bed before 1am – result!

Friday night, more IMS antics, dancing front and centre to Papa Sven Vath – who, I have to say, after playing what I thought was some pretty inappropriately hard techno for that time of night, TOTALLY redeemed himself with a progressive, dreamy last half an hour of his set – before heading back to Pacha. Was I talking about Groundhog Day last week? Hmmm… here we go again.

It was the Saturday state of affairs that I’d really been excited about all week, as my personal favourite annual rave-athon, the Ushuaia Beach Club Opening Party, kicked off poolside from midday and carried all the way through until 4am. Wow. Never in my life have I seen SO MANY PEOPLE in that venue (and as a random aside, never have I seen so much trash in the pool – what is wrong with you people?), a sure sign that the Dice-Luciano-Sven line-up attracted way more than just the regular VIP crowd. The crowd was absolutely heaving for Dice, making it near impossible to navigate the venue, then started to thin out just a little as the twinkling sounds of Luciano’s ‘Rise of An Angel’ floated over the airwaves. Now officially king of cheese, he dropped Daft Punk and Donna Summer to bring the floor back to life, before passing the baton to Sven, who kept it rocking until he was dragged off the decks.

Sunday. Ah, we love Sundays at Space (although that’s another party altogether – more on that in two weeks time), and although at first glance, this year’s Space Opening Fiesta seemed to be lacking the giant publicity machine, the mammoth line-up and the hype of previous years, however it was one of the best Space Opening parties I’ve been to in a great many years – every single room was full before midnight. Maybe, ‘the people’ really are ready to go back to basics, when it’s all about the music, the dancing, the venue… and less about superstar DJs (speaking of which, the mighty Chemical Brothers were pretty darn special). Nic Fanciulli and Sasha in the car park arena were standouts for me… I only wish it didn’t have to end!

But rather than turn into a pumpkin as the party continued well past 9am in the morning, I did want to turn into my bed, so I could catch just a few z’s before work and replenish my energy levels (Red Bull at the ready – AGAIN) before getting into full clubbing battle mode for the party of all parties, the Circo Loco Opening at DC10. But that’s all I’m going to tell you, because what happens at DC10, stays at DC10.

See you there next week?