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Tuesdays are the new Saturdays!

Miss W shares her 6am musings

As I write this, it is – well, I hate to admit this to you but I will – 6am on Wednesday morning.

 I haven’t been to sleep yet and in fact, I’m cursing the fact I had to leave a REALLY COOL PARTY to come home and write this here blog.

As much as I love to try and entertain people with my (hopefully) witty repartee, I also love a dance floor… but never the twain shall meet (unless I invest in an iPad soon?)! Sure, I could get up early and try and write something clever, but my brain just is not a morning person. Nor are my fingers when it comes to typing. So better to get it over with before I hit the hay and lose momentum (and miss Very. Important. Deadline).

On the plus side, inspiration for this week’s blog hit me when I was out, so if I had stayed home to try and write the previously unplanned blog (I do love to fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to deadlines… or should I say dreadlines) alone with the cats and a glass of vino tinto, it may have been a tad dull.

But I digress. What I want to sing to the rafters tonight (ahem! This morning more like) is that Tuesday nights in Ibiza are totally awesome. The best night of the week to go out. The locals’ choice. I saw practically everyone I’d ever met last night! If Sundays were the new Saturdays in the past, then Tuesdays are the new Sundays… if you get my drift. Wait – let me be clear. Tuesdays are the new FUN DAYS!

Why? Well, firstly you’ve had time to recover from the weekend so you’re feeling fresh and enthusiastic about the week ahead. And you’re hungry. After shaking off that post Space-in-Sundays hangover from the day before, suddenly you start to crave some good, hearty, healthy food as opposed to burgers, Red Bull and Coca Cola of the day before!

And there are plenty of options in Ibiza for dining! I opted for La Oliva, so I could watch the awesome Flower Power pre-club parade wind its way through Dalt Vila’s streets. While other club parades have been somewhat lackluster and occasionally inappropriate, the Pacha team have really taken the cake… this is a parade that gives holidaymakers a reason to start visiting town again before hitting the clubs! With over 50 people in full hippy costume, complete with guitars, live music, singing and plenty of shouting, it definitely gets you inspired to visit the party!

But for me… not straight away! There was somewhere else I wanted to be, so I jumped in the coche and made haste for Las Dalias, where the all-new incarnation of Nightmares On Wax’s Wax Da Jam takes place. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant at first… the north just feels sooooo far to me sometimes (I know I am spoiled from living on a small island for too long). Especially at night when it can’t involve a beach. And I have been known be a little bit skeptical of hippy dippy nonsense (sorry! But it’s true!) in the past…

But it was amazing! What an awesome hidden gem of a party – once you’ve navigated your way through the night hippy market and found your way up onto the chillout Sky Bar or into the edgy darkened club space within, it’s WELL worth the drive up north!

After schmoozing on the rooftop with a mojito, we quickly realised all the best music was coming from within, starting with Negghead, followed by DJ E.A.S.E. and the awesome Nickodemus. The sound quality in this space was truly amazing, and combined with incredible colourful visuals that literally seemed to leap off the walls, I felt transported to a cool party in New York! But better… because this is Ibiza (and I knew everyone) and it was such a cool, local’s vibe and not overrun by tourists. Cool people, a cool place and cool music. Just when you thought parties like this didn’t exis anymore!

Wax Da Jam winds up at the allllmost civilised hour of 4am, which means (depending on your mood, your companions and your workload the following day) you can still get a decent amount of sleep, OR you have time to hit a club until dawn. Of course, Pacha IS on the way home, and the Flower Power parade had been inspiring.

It was also the unveiling of the all-new Flower Power musical show, with a live band performing (and also lip synching so as not to spoil the magic of the originals) the hits of the greatest stars of all time – David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger and Jimi Hendrix! The band performs three times a night, so it doesn’t matter if you arrive late like me! I really felt like I had landed in another decade, and this was exactly the update Flower Power needed in the year the iconic club celebrates its 40th anniversary.

And did I mention it was packed? Just like a Saturday night, the club was filled to capacity, and the atmosphere electric!

Oh my goodness is that the time? I need to get some shut-eye before work in a few hours. But that’s the beauty of my job in Ibiza… I can do it in my pyjamas, and even from my bed (like now) and in my own time. Although if Tuesdays literally were the new Saturdays, that would mean I could sleep in tomorrow (today). Damn.