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Miss W’s secrets: The v. v. coolest rooftop in Ibiza – Vi Cool!


Let’s get one thing straight before I begin. All those Vs in the title of this blog do not stand for VIP in any way. None indeed. The V. best thing about this V. cool place I’ve discovered is that despite it’s V.V. chic appearance and the V.V. famous chef behind the V.V. unique concept, is that it’s a place for everyone.

The place in question is Vi Cool – the awesome new rooftop concept by Spanish celebrity chef Sergi Arola on the rooftop of five-star eco-resort Aguas de Ibiza in Santa Eulalia. I’m going to be honest with you – I wouldn’t recognise aforementioned chef if he threw patatas bravas at me, or served them up on a silver platter. I’m not Spanish, and I don’t watch Spanish TV, so it’s not surprising really. I do take note at the mention of a celeb however, so when I heard Sergi Arola was the equivalent of Jamie Oliver, you can be sure I got my name on the guest list to the opening party quicksmart!

It was a Friday night, and the first real hot night of the summer. The May rainy spell had lifted and it was instantly warm enough to not require a jacket or scarf – convenient, since the outfits selected by the White-ettes looked much better uncovered! We made our way up north and shimmied into the special elevator that whizzed us straight up to the hotel rooftop, and from which you could hear the thump of music and buzz of people as we approached the top floor!

Miss W: Vi CoolMiss W: Vi Cool

At this point… we weren’t sure what to expect. We’d been thinking we were heading to a five-star soiree, perhaps a string quartet and a few bite sized canapés and champagne before we moved onto the next party – but boy were we wrong! V. beautiful people packed every corner of the v. stylish roof space, while a v. talented DJ had the crowd in front of him dancing to house music from the word go… this was a v. v. happening par-tay!

I couldn’t help but feel like we had gone up a magical elevator and come out on a rooftop in Barcelona… the décor and design of the restaurant is really a whole new level of modern glam for Ibiza – retro style lighting, super cool furnishings and a cool cover made of elegantly woven rope. I could almost imagine James Bond having a martini or three here at the bar!

Miss W: Vi CoolMiss W: Vi Cool

While the restaurant itself is indeed beautiful, nothing can take away from the breathtaking 360-degree views of the island from Vi Cool. Azure blue Mediterranean Sea as far as the eye can see, rolling green mountains and a romantic colourful sky as the sun began to set. After dark, it was twinkling lights of the houses in the hills and the boats on the sea… pure Ibiza magic.

Miss W: Vi CoolMiss W: Vi Cool

The restaurant menu offers creative tapas dishes, many of the signature dishes were being swished around on trays by cute waiters (is it just me or are all the waiters in Ibiza super cute right now?) and I must admit I followed them around the room to get a few extra bites – that’s how good they were! Delicious curls of Serrano ham with perfectly sharp parmesan, oversized croqettes, mini hamburgers, meatballs and the piece de resistance – Arola’s Bravas – where little mini tubes of potato had been piped full of creamy allioli – quite literally, melt-in-your-mouth bites of goodness that I will be heading straight back up to that rooftop next week to try again… and again… and again!

I didn’t get to meet the man of the moment – though I think I caught a glimpse of him moving and shaking with the movers and shakers. Probably better that way. Now that I know who he is, I would have gotten v. v. starstruck if we had actually met!

Miss W: Vi CoolMiss W: Vi Cool