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Full moon fever

7 signs Ibiza full moon fever has hit the island!

Sure, you might think ‘seen one, seen ‘em all’… but no two full moons are ever alike in Ibiza! Why? Well, let me tell you…

Myths, madness and many a major party have been inspired by the beautiful Ibiza full moon – known as ‘luna llena’ here in Spain – and last week’s lunar spectacular saw an entire l-o-n-g weekend of special events devoted to it!

1. You can blame absolutely anything on the full moon. Want to go on a three-day party bender? Don’t blame it on the sunshine. Want to stay indoors and hibernate, a three-day True Blood marathon perhaps? Don’t blame it on the boogie. Want to kiss a random stranger on the beach? You know who to blame!

2. The full moon is visible from almost everywhere on the island. Obviously it’s best witnessed from the beaches – especially on the east coast, where you can watch the moon rise majestically from the sea – but the beauty of living on such a small island with no high rise complexes means there are full moon happenings taking place all over Ibiza, from rooftop bars and terraces to beach bars, restaurants and fashion shows. All the more reason to go out, my dears…

3. Speaking of going out… we don’t just have full moon parties – we have full moon rising parties too! Which means a day-to-night party schedule of course, just the way we like it! Keep your eyes peeled on the all-new White Ibiza Summer Diaries for news of the next full moon parties… or type ‘full moon’ into the search function et voila! Your Ibiza full moon party schedule at your fingertips.

4. The freaks come out! Admit it – the full moon is the perfect excuse to embrace your inner weirdo (or werewolf, all you Twi-hards out there!) or in the very least, indulge in some serious people watching as others do! The word lunatic is derived from lunar you know – there is some method to this madness – and there’s no better place to check out Ibiza’s characters than Circo Loco at DC10 when the full moon falls on a Monday!

5. Everyone looks better under the light of the full moon. Far more effective than any make-up (or – gasp – surgery!), the moon makes us look younger, our skin glow and eyes sparkle… which means it’s the perfect excuse to go on a date! My favourite place for a full moon romantic dinner has to be Amante, proudly presiding over the bay of Sol d’en Serra with uninterrupted views of the full moon rising. Hint, hint!

6. According to folklore, oysters are bigger at full moon time… so what better excuse than to tuck into half a dozen (or more!) at El Chiringuito on Es Cavallet? Hmmm, and they’re a renowned aphrodisiac too – see above for an even better full moon date!

7. Still on the food tip, ‘they’ say that everything picked, farmed or caught at full moon is at its full taste potential, from herbs (of any variety, wink wink!) and fruit to fish. In fact, my good friend Dr Google tells me that it’s everything within a three-day window of the full moon (before and after) that falls into this category, which explains the recent spate of full moon parties spanning an entire long weekend. Ibiza restaurants, here I come!