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Mirrors, mirrors on the…

Miss W’s secret revealed - I’ve never, ever been to Destino

Mirrors, mirrors on the… well, there were no walls! I’ve got to make a confession. I’ve never, ever been to Destino.

There. I’ve said it. Whether it was because I was out of the loop, off my game, feeling anti-social (or perhaps a combination of all three), the fact is, nothing had ever lured me to the island’s latest luxury resort. Until now.

Last week, a mysterious invitation arrived on my desk, promising a day-to-night extravaganza of grown-up fun, fashion, art, music, cocktails and brunch… and all of a sudden I felt the urge to lose my Destino virginity. The event in question was Mirrors, the all-new party concept by Andrew Dax – founder of luxury concierge company Dax Ibiza and the man behind previous Ibiza events such as Love Brunch.

Being a big fan of the NYC-style brunch concept, we made a point of skipping breakfast before dolling up in the latest purchases from the White Ibiza Boutique (occupational hazard – when so many pretty things pass your desk each day, it’s impossible to resist ‘just trying them on for size’) and making our way to the Cap Martinet hotspot.

‘Hello Destino… I think we’re going to be friends,’ I thought, as we sauntered through the entrance, did a strut around the pool and restaurant area before taking our seat for brunch. Beautiful, yes, Destino is everything and more that you’d expect from a Pacha Ibiza resort and more, chock full of beautiful people and with a view that really does make your jaw drop. The Gumball 3000 rally had recently wrapped up on the island, and all the drivers and their entourages were holed up in the hotel, so there were millionaires and designer clothes aplenty sunbed-hopping while we dined in style in the shade. I had to be subtle as I Instagrammed the action!

On the other side of the venue, the giant stage – dripping in mirror balls of course – was surrounded by cabanas and cute little stalls, offering all the little extras you could imagine for an afternoon of fun. A station offering OTT makeovers – and by this I mean cool, glitterfoil lips, sequinned eyes or diamante-encrusted false lashes – was definitely calling my name (after a swim of course) and the Tarot readings offered an element of mysticism that I thought would be perfect after a mojito or three!

One fresh coconut and a Bloody Mary later, I have to admit, I was in heaven. And then the food came! An amazing set menu – which changes weekly – at an accessible price, we tucked into melt-in-your-mouth salmon sashimi and seaweed salad, rich black cod and bok choy and deluxe Black Angus strips… OK, so it was a little more than we’d expected for ‘brunch’, but when the food’s that good, you lap it up. With manners.

After brunch, we joined the hipsters, race car drivers, Ibiza socialites, London trust fund babies, DJs, models and dancers by the pool, for some serious tanning time. The idea behind Mirrors is that it’s a marathon, not a race (though partygoers are encouraged to dip in and out of the party, between other Ibiza social engagements!) and fueling up and relaxing before the action is all part of the process. As were the plethora of fresh coconuts (there’s really nothing more ‘holiday’ than a fresh coconut by the pool, even if you do feel slightly silly because you need to hold it with two hands).

Soon switching from coconuts to cocktails, we found our toes tapping to the music, followed by our heads, then our shoulders and, well, you know how it goes. I couldn’t help but notice the music switched into an interesting, eclectic fusion of electronic music and minimal techno, and wondered to myself who the DJ was… a quick stroll to the DJ booth and I discovered none other than deadmau5 (fresh from his stint as a Gumball driver) had volunteered his services for the afternoon.

You know you’re onto a winner when superstar DJs are actually asking you to let them play at your party!

Sure enough, after a few mojitos I was once again intrigued to see what was going on in the party area – I could see shimmers of sequins everywhere… and like the magpie I am, I followed the sparkle to the dance floor, where sexy girls in tassled silver bikinis danced alongside glamazon models in custom-created mirror-esque couture by The Gypset Collection. One more mojito, and I might just be tempted to try and squeeze myself into one of those sparkly outfits, I thought…

As the resort guests began to stream into the venue following their day’s island adventures and the sky started to turn the beautiful pinky-purple hue of sunset, you could feel a buzz in the air (and also see the buzz build up on social media as word got out about the event)… any moment, Mirrors was going to turn from a chilled-out pool party to a hands-in-the-air rave!

Sure enough, there was dancing, there was prancing and I’m pretty sure there was some romancing – with a pop-up wedding chapel onsite for impromptu declarations of love, I’m not surprised! And if you were smart enough, you could go and see the psychic before tying the knot, to make sure your newfound love is ‘the one’. After midnight, the party moved downstairs to the intimate TOX club – continuing through until 6am.

With amazing DJ line-ups and live bands (and we heard some seriously superstar names being bantered around) on the cards for the coming weeks, I can safely say that although this may have been my first foray into the world of Destino, it definitely won’t be my last…

If you’re interested in checking it out (and trust me when I say you’ll be glad you did!), you can book a table for brunch at Destino or simply purchase a ticket (at the meager price of just 14€) to enter directly into our pool party. You heard it here first folks!

Email [email protected] to reserve a brunch or table in the VIP area and follow Mirrors on Facebook to find out the weekly line-ups!