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Single in Ibiza

Miss W reflects on the pros and cons of being single in Ibiza

Anyone who knows me, or has read my previous blog will be all too familiar with the fact that Miss W Ibiza has recently joined the ranks of single girls on the white isle.

Photos: Maria Simon

Anyone who knows me, or has read my previous blog will be all too familiar with the fact that Miss W Ibiza has recently (12 weeks and two days but who’s still counting?) joined the ranks of single girls on the white isle. And after finally emerging from my break-up mourning period, I’ve hit the Ibiza social scene with renewed enthusiasm, but I can’t seem to help noticing the dramatic differences between being single and being loved up.

Let me fill you in on some of my most recent observations

PRO: You can talk about calories and carbohydrates at the dinner table with your girlfriends to your heart’s content (yep, even while ordering dessert). No rolling eyes, no judgement!
 When you crack open that tub of Ben & Jerry’s at home late one night, there’s no one else to scoff the other half of it for you… which means gaining extra calories despite your best salad-eating efforts amongst your girlfriends in public.

PRO: You can gush over… yes, you know who I’m about to say… Richie Hawtin, Luciano and DJ W!ld to your heart’s content, stalk them on Facebook and download all their latest press shots to use as your screen saver, changing it daily.
 None of your girlfriends actually understand that you ‘really love them for their music’ and won’t sit around nerding out to their latest releases like a guy would.

PRO: You can be totally proud of the fact that you’re a 100 percent independent woman, who pays her own way everywhere and makes all her own choices.
 Being proud and independent is all well and good, but when you’ve got to carry an eight-litre water bottle and a big sack of kitty litter up the hill to your house, that extra manpower would be really appreciated.

PRO: You are a constant source of entertainment to your coupled-up and married friends, regaling them with tales of crazy nights out and stories of all the new boys you’ve met.
 Being the third wheel at a dinner table – or worse, being seated on the singles table at an event – can get a bit tiresome and makes you feel like a loser.

PRO: You can do what you want, when you want, with who you want.
 You’ve got to admit it’s nicer to have a partner in crime to do it all with.

PRO: You can stay out until stupid o’clock, with no one tsk tsk-ing you or telling you it’s time for that last drink and then bed.
 Having no one to snuggle up to but your pillow (and if you’re like me, your cats) when it’s cold outside and you’re trying to shake off a hangover is a pretty grim reality.

PRO: Every time you go out is exciting, because you never know where you might end up or who you might end up meeting.
 Sometimes (especially in Ibiza) you can end up in strange places with some equally strange people, and not having a BF to rely upon to come to your rescue is pretty scary sometimes!

PRO: You don’t feel the need to shave your legs every couple of days.
 Sporting furry legs limits your wardrobe selection somewhat… and you can pretty much guarantee you’ll meet someone new and end up in a compromising position and realise at the last minute that you’ve ‘let yourself go’. Not that I would ever sleep with someone on the first date of course. I mean, for example, you wouldn’t want to strip down to your underwear for a spontaneous swim at Salinas. Right?

PRO: You can stay in bed all day on the weekends and watch re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy.
 While there’s nothing wrong with a comforting duvet day, I can think of plenty of other things to do between the sheets!

PRO: You can spend plenty of time with all of your other male friends without making anyone jealous or hearing snide remarks from your BF.
 On an island as small as Ibiza, you can almost guarantee a rumour will be started about you and said male counterpart as soon as you’ve been seen in public together.

PRO: The end of the summer season means your ex-BF has left the island, so there’s no fear of awkward social situations in the quieter months.
 Your ex-BF leaving the island means there’s no chance of an emergency 4am booty call.

PRO: You can wear all the leopard print you want.
 According to feedback on my previous blog, no real live man likes leopard print. Clearly they don’t understand fashion, but I guess it doesn’t make you attractive to the opposite sex!

PRO: You can flirt shamelessly with anyone you want, anywhere, anytime!
 There’s something to be said for subtlety when being flirtatious, especially on a little island like ours where everyone knows everyone else’s business. Take Halloween for example: when your face paint ends up smeared over someone else’s chin, it’s only a matter of time until the anonymous jig is up and you’re branded with the tramp stamp!