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Summer is here. Are you ready?

Miss W tells us how she loves the IDEA of summer

I, for one, am not. I mean sure, I love the IDEA of summer but I haven’t quite managed to wrap up all my winter loose ends.

I still have some unfinished box sets to watch. I haven’t read the complete works of William Shakespeare (let alone opened 50 Shades of Grey!), listened to Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Albums of All Time or mastered any dishes from my collection of Jamie Oliver cookbooks. I haven’t redecorated my bedroom, colour-coordinated my wardrobe, alphabetised my bookcase or organised my iTunes library into clever playlists. I’m only half way through my bikini body challenge and I’m so pale I daren’t bare any skin.

Quite frankly, I just haven’t finished hibernating yet!

But like it or not, summer is here. The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. New Ibiza hotels, bars and restaurants are popping up faster than you can say opening party. The influx of pre-season tourists has dramatically increased, traffic is banking up in and around Ibiza town and as for trying to find parking… well, they do say patience is a virtue. And the first ‘official’ club opening party (Guy Gerber’s Wisdom of the Glove at Pacha) is just 19 days away!

Guess I better get out of my winter mindset then! First things first, a new summer wardrobe. Well that’s easy – I don’t even need to leave the comfort of my own home (or get out of my pyjamas for that matter) with the launch of the all-new White Ibiza Online Shop. Showcasing the coolest island designers, Ibiza-inspired fashion and all the latest summer trends, it’s like a one-stop Ibiza shop in the privacy of my own home.

Next up, a tan. When your opening party schedule combined with a busy workweek prevents you from lazing around on Ibiza’s beaches in this glorious weather, what’s a girl to do? Call the pros at Smack Ibiza of course, who’ll come directly to your home, fully-equipped with the latest and greatest hi-tech spray tanning products from Beau Bronze, ready to give you an authentic golden glow that screams ‘I’ve-been-sunbathing-on-Salinas’ in seconds.

It’s time to step up the Ibiza bikini body plan too. Look out Revival Wellness Club, because I’m going to be pounding your treadmills and crying on the cross trainer every day for the next, well, 19 days at least! Did someone say slimming spa treatments? Hell yeah… I’ll try anything and everything I can at this stage!

As for cooking skills? Who needs them? Ibiza’s best chefs are back in the kitchen and on the case, meaning there’s no need to eat at home anymore. Music? Those top 100 albums aren’t going anywhere, and now I can get my fix in Ibiza’s clubs every night. And day. Ushuaia, Space, Pacha, Amnesia, DC10, Sankeys… and the list goes on (although the Ibiza rumour mill has certainly gone into overdrive speculation as to whether or not the new Bomba will ever open its rusty old gate).

Now that I think about it, I’m actually SUPER excited about the onset of summer. Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drinks get colder, music gets louder, days (and party nights!) get longer, boys get cuter, life gets better.

Summer is here. Are you ready?