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10 reasons not to miss Urban In Ibiza

I’m no art critic, but I know what I like.

Urban in Ibiza rolls into Ibiza once a year, like an all-singing, all-dancing… no wait. Make that an all-PAINTING art extravaganza.

Now I’m no art critic, but I know what I like. And what I like rolls into Ibiza once a year, like an all-singing, all-dancing… no wait. Make that an all-PAINTING art extravaganza in the form of Urban In Ibiza, an annual festival-style art event taking place in the gorgeous gardens of my favourite escapist haven, Agroturismo Atzaro.

The event takes place next Thursday evening (August 1) and for the first time ever, I’m super super amazingly BEYOND excited to tell you, that I’m going to be taking part in the proceedings.

No, I’m not going to pretend I am an artist either… but I’m proud to announce that I will be styling the White Ibiza ‘Anything But Tame’ Swimwear Parade, that will hit the catwalk as part of the urban style part of the programme. Think fabulous fringing, wild patterns, mismatched prints, tribal embellishments and edgy hardware and you’ll start to get the idea. I can’t wait! The models have been cast, the bikinis have been chosen and the props are out of this world!

But enough about me. I can guarantee to wax lyrical about that again at a later date. For now, I’ve been reminiscing about the previous year’s Urban In Ibiza events and want to share some of my favourite things with you. If you’re in Ibiza this coming Thursday, let me assure you this is THE place to be… and if you’re not there then quite frankly… I think you must be crazy!

10 reasons not to miss Urban In Ibiza!

1. You will meet the coolest folk in the world, from all walks of life! Think fashionistas, budding art critics, real art critics, artists, London trendsetters, tourists, the Euro-jet set, the local party crew, business owners, DJs, yoga teachers… you name them, they’ll be there!

2. The four Bs. Babes, boobs, bikinis… That’s right, the fashion show promises to appeal to both sexes, with hot new fashion for girls and some eye candy for the boys (let’s be honest!). And the fourth B? Banksy of course! The legendary artist exhibits his work as part of Urban In Ibiza and it’s your chance to snap up your very own piece.

3. Live graffiti. There’s a reason you don’t see this every day… because generally it’s highly illegal! But here at Urban in Ibiza, some of the world’s very finest street artists brave performance anxiety and step up to the canvas to make creations live on the night. Forget lingering around train stations for hours… Atzaro is a much nicer environment!

4. It’s a party that goes on all night long. While most events in Ibiza need to wrap up at the civilised hour of midnight, Atzaro’s extended license means this party can go on until 4am! It wouldn’t be Urban in Ibiza without a collective of cool musicians and DJs too, and this year’s line-up includes Benji Boko, MC Carpetface and DJs Samir, Yuniq, GianLuca de Tiberiis and Tony Montana.

5. It’s fun to indulge your inner art critic! Stroll around the gallery space, peruse the pieces on display and be sure to drop a few names to see if anyone around you bites for gossip. ‘Oh yes darling, last time Goldie was here I heard him telling Inkie that Banksy said something!’ If you do indeed have a real eye for art, this is also an amazing opportunity to snap up some of the finest art in the world, from renowned names to up and coming future heroes.

6. There’s an entire sk8 and street exhibition! Another sub-culture you don’t get to see much of here – unless you count the underage scruffy youth outside BFit or in Dalt Vila. Not quite the same! ‘SK8 ART ST’ is a skateboarding and street art concept at Urban In Ibiza which takes a long look at skate culture and the transformation of skate related objects and paraphernalia into functional and fine artworks. Gnarly.

7. Your little ones can get involved! Twas the night (well, day, from 2.30pm) before Urban, and all through the house, the walls remained clean because your mini-me was having a personal painting tutorial with none other than Inkie and Jim Vision at Atzaro! For just 25€ per kid (ages 6 – 14), you’ll receive a masterpiece to take home… although we can’t guarantee they won’t be gagging to mark the walls at home the next day!

8. It’s the fifth year! You can guarantee the Urban In Ibiza crew won’t let a milestone like this go past without a mega-celebration. Nuff said. Cue the champagne!

9. You can indulge in retail therapy, in more ways than one. Although investing in art can hardly be considered retail, the thrill of flashing your plastic is indeed the same, and for those with smaller budgets, a pop-up boutique offers cool urban fashion, jewellery and accessories at discounted prices!

10. You can get a room! Trust me, after four years of visiting this awesome event, it’s well worth splashing out on a boudoir at Atzaro… there’s nothing better than indulging in Atzaro’s delicious cocktails and not having to jostle with the hordes (apparently over 4000 people visit the event annually!) for a taxi, rather just sink into your big comfy bed. With another bottle of room service champagne of course!