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What a difference a year makes…

Miss W reflect on another Ibiza summer season

The end of the season is the time when most islanders (myself included!) tend to reflect on the months gone by…

The end of the season is the time when most islanders (myself included!) tend to reflect on the months gone by… weighing up their summer in terms of good and bad experiences, old and new friends, big and small hangovers… you get the drift!

So with just a couple of weeks of the official party season left to go (we still call it summer, although technically the clock has struck autumn!), I cast my mind back over the previous year (with the help of my blog archive!) and when you put it under the spotlight, A LOT has happened in just 12 little months!

This year I’ve seen friends get married, friends have babies, friends adopt puppies and friends inadvertently breed kitten after kitten in their own backyard! I’ve had friends travel from all over the world to visit me here in Ibiza (tough life!) and I’ve waved goodbye (and sobbed!) to friends going off on their own international adventures.

I finally – after years and years of being a bona fide townie – got my very own car! Being in the driver’s seat makes exploring the island even more exciting (because there is always something new to discover in Ibiza, no matter how long you’ve been here), and this year I’ve had adventures in places including an abandoned bull ring (spooky!), the highest point on the island (impressive), acres of pine forest and the cutest little villages I didn’t even know existed!

My Spanglish skills have finally graduated to official fluent status – after years and years and years of study! No more hand signals, strange gestures, or (the worst habit of them all!) putting an ‘o’ on the end of English words in the hope it just may translate!

I’ve met the most interesting people, from yoga teachers and healers to DJs, musicians and architects. Designers, stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, photographers, burlesque dancers, contortionists, tattoo artists… you name them, I’ve stumbled across them in the course of my work.

I embarked on a total lifestyle overhaul… but sadly fell back into my unhealthy older ways as the busy summer season took hold. Looking forward now to getting back to the gym and switching the Red Bull for juice once again – let’s see if this time I can stick with it!

Perhaps most importantly, I feel like I’ve finally learnt to value my time, my friends, my family (and yes this includes my cats!) and my life in general… sadly a lesson learned after losing a friend earlier in the year, but a much-needed lesson nonetheless. Don’t wish the summer away because you’re too busy/stressed/hungover/tired/grumpy/whatever. Make the most of every minute…

Life is special. Ibiza is special. So to live your life in Ibiza – especially all year round – is one of the most amazing experiences I could hope for. There are people who dream about it… and people who do it. I’m happy and grateful that I (and all of my Ibiza friends and family) fall into the second category.