Miss W’s blog: 2017 – Looking forward

The clock struck 12, the bells chimed, the fireworks went off and people kissed as 2016 turned into 2017 in a matter of just one second (though technically, due to time differences, that second was spread out over many hours around the world). The new year is here meaning it’s the time to shake off any residual negativity from last year and leap forward into 2017 with positive vibes and good feelings.

So what does that mean for Ibiza? First of all, I think we need to embrace the changes that are coming. While last year was very much about nostalgia and mourning the loss of one of our favourite clubs (not that we’ll ever forget it), 2017 holds the promise of something new. An old space (excuse the pun), transformed into something new. New owners, new management, a new concept – anyone who says they’re not intrigued… well, I bet they’ll still be asking for guest list come opening party!

2017 holds plenty more intrigue about what’s to come this summer other than a new club. What new parties will pop up on the club scene (we’re already hearing great things about the revitalisation of Privilege), what new DJs will grace our shores, what will the big club anthems of the summer be, what new restaurants will feed us, what new designers will showcase their wares, what new wellness trends will pop up and what hip hotels or flashy villas will we call home away from home?

Perhaps most importantly, who will come into our lives? As anyone who has spent time on the white isle will tell you, it is the people of Ibiza who create much of the energy Ibiza is famous for. And with every new year comes a new crop of people who’ve decided to make the leap and relocate to Ibiza, to start a new life, open that restaurant, write that novel, paint that masterpiece, record that album, sell their fashion creations, teach yoga, learn Spanish, build furniture, dance in the world’s most famous clubs, retire on a yacht, start a blog, buy a house, work remotely… whatever the inspiration for the sea change may be, I think in 2017, those of us who have lived here on the island for a while should also be welcoming these newcomers with open arms.

After all, once upon a time, we were those people. We needed advice, recommendations, translations, help… and friends. Our island culture has always thrived when we support one another, whether we’re old friends or new, competitors or colleagues, young or old. So here’s to a happy and successful 2017 in Ibiza, for everyone who chooses to call her home, or their home away from home!

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