Miss W’s blog: A tale of two seasons

Ibiza is known to many as an island of two seasons. Two very, very different seasons. We have our world famous summer (which attracted upwards of seven million tourists this year – eek!), chock-full of glorious sun-drenched beach days, alfresco dining by the beach or in the country and endless nights of partying. And then there’s the not-quite-as-famous-but-slowly-gaining-notoriety ‘other’ season. Winter. Also chock-full of glorious sun-drenched beach days, alfresco dining by the beach or in the country and endless nights of partying, if you know where to look!

Ed’s note: Yes, we’re very aware that spring and autumn exist in between these two seasons, however it’s just a given in Ibiza that the year is split into two, colloquially referred to as summer or winter. It is what it is. Roll with it.

As I write this blog, we’re officially entering the winter period here on the white isle. As last of the Halloween face paint is washed down the drain, we bid farewell to the summer season, say adios to traffic, to tourists, to some of the superclubs (including Space, forever – we’ll miss you!), to many popular restaurants, to some of our friends and to super busy workloads and stress. You can almost feel the island breathe a collective sigh of relief at this transitional shift – because saying goodbye doesn’t have to be sad. Right now, it simply signifies the start of a new (slightly cooler) chapter.

For those islanders who’ve lived here all year round for many years, the thrill of winter arriving is like nothing else. But for those who are embarking on their very first island winter, or for holidaymakers who’ve heard all about this magical ‘other’ season and want to make their inaugural winter expedition this year, finding your feet or knowing where to start can seem daunting. But don’t let that put you off! White Ibiza is here to help, and this week we’ll be launching an all-new winter section, showcasing the very best the white isle has to offer out of season. Sign up here to receive our weekly winter newsletter, or watch our social media feeds for more – starting from tomorrow!

From restaurants – high end, healthy, beachside and beyond – and hotels to clubs, parties, events, shopping and much, much more, we’ve made it easy for you to map out a schedule for a holiday, or plan new things to do during your valuable time off. Let me assure you – give winter in Ibiza a try and you’ll land on your feet. I remember very clearly being a very nervous little Miss W over ten years ago, making the decision to stay on my beloved island for the winter season, despite the fact many of my friends had already left and I had no job or prospects. I was just so in love with the island I couldn’t bare the thought of leaving her. Next thing you know, I had an amazing group of new friends, was constantly out and about finding amazing places I’d never heard of before (from restaurants and flea markets to waterfalls, caves and much more), had so much work I didn’t get to take any time off and voila! I never, ever left and now winter is my favourite time of the year.

Here are a few of my favourite things: the absolutely incredible winter sunsets – it’s a whole new colourful ballgame compared to the summer. Dining out on super cheap, hearty and delicious menu del dias in authentic Spanish restaurants, often outside in the sunshine – three courses and a drink for less than 15€. Embarking on new ventures – be it a health kick, Spanish lessons, redecorating the home or finally getting around to writing that book. Rifling through the weekly markets where one person’s trash is definitely another’s treasure. Traipsing across the island in the glorious sunshine, finding new pathways to new viewpoints you’ve never seen before (and where people braver than me keep swimming until January). Catching up with friends new and old at parties that still capture that bohemian spirit of Ibiza. And then there’s Christmas and New Year – the most wonderful time of the year! But more on that, later…

I’ll admit, it does get chilly at night, but it’s nothing like London or Paris or Berlin. There are outdoor heaters in bars and cosy fireplaces indoors – cocooning is all part of the winter experience. When you’re outside, you’ll need a coat and a scarf, but you most likely won’t zip up the coat or wear the scarf wrapped around your neck three times. Gloves and beanies are for sale in the high street stores here of course, but those are merely more for show, for the fashion conscious among us – you’ll spot them sweating beneath their woolly layers as they try to remain stylish and seasonal in the blazing sunlight.

Ahhh, winter in Ibiza. I’m so happy you’ve arrived – I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now!

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