Miss W’s blog: Almond blossom magic

January and February in Ibiza are synonymous with almond blossoms. All over the island, hundreds of twisted, gnarled, seemingly barren almond trees begin to bloom, slowly at first – teasing us with just a few sprigs of white or pink blossoms and then boom! Almost overnight, the entire tree is enveloped in blossoms, like an enormous cloud of cotton candy or cotton wool, depending on the hue of the almond tree.

While you can witness the beauty of an almond tree pretty much anywhere on the island – they’re scattered in fields and valleys beside the major roadways and down long and winding country lanes alike – the north of Ibiza is really where it’s at if you want to see something magical. The charming northern village of Santa Agnes becomes a hub for blossom watchers (is that a thing? I think we can make it a thing), as they descend on the beautiful Corona Valley to walk through the orchards that have been blanketed in a haze of delicate white blossoms.

By day, the blossom walk is breathtakingly beautiful. With the vibrant blue skies above, and the orchard surrounded by lush, green rolling hills and rich red soil, it’s a scene reminiscent of the iconic Japanese cherry blossom season, except it’s right here in our own backyard – every bit as stunning and thankfully a lot less commercial (did you know the Japanese have Cherry Blossom Pepsi and crisps?). Breathe deeply and the unmistakeable sweet scent of almond blossom fills your olfactory senses – it’s a scent that has never quite been mastered by a professional perfumier, though many have tried. It seems you can’t bottle magic…

By night, the valley takes on a hauntingly elegant, ethereal quality. Blossoms glisten in the moonlight, taking on a silvery hue, shimmering with the breeze like snowflakes swirling in the sky. It’s like something out of a fairytale. It’s not just a visual spectacular – there’s an energy, a feeling. A sense of calm, a sense of peace. And a feeling of authenticity. This, my dear readers, is the ‘real’ Ibiza that so many islanders and holidaymakers yearn for.

Every year, Walking Ibiza host a full moon walk through the valley, and this year (it’s happening tonight!) the walk is made even more special by the fact it’s a Super Blood Blue Full Moon Eclipse. Now… I’m not usually one to get all cosmic about such celestial happenings but there’s something about this event that has made me dig out my unicorn yoga pants, charge my crystals and get set to make the pilgrimage to Santa Ines to experience what I believe it going to be a once in a lifetime experience (seriously – the last SBBFME was 150 years ago!). I’m so excited I’ve got butterflies in my stomach – and anyone who knows me well will tell you, I am not the biggest fan of walking so that really must be saying something!

Symbolically, almond blossoms represent new life. Hope. Awakening. Combined with the cosmic charge and magical energy of this rare SBBFME (you can read any number of other websites if you want more info on what this means for our lives, loves, energies and whatnots – they’ll say it better than I can), I feel a transformational collective experience coming on – or in the very least, some seriously Instagram-able moments! In addition, the almond blossoms also signify the beginning of spring (though I must admit I’m still steeling myself for a grizzly grey and chilly February) which is yet another thing to get excited about.

Sadly, the life of an almond blossom is fleeting – around six to eight weeks in general before they float off the trees and back into the soil below – but perhaps that’s what makes them so special. Magical, ethereal, beautiful, wonderful, spiritual, mystical – there aren’t enough superlatives in the English language to do them justice, so if you’re in Ibiza this month all I can do is strongly urge you to experience the almond blossom magic for yourself! Unicorn leggings and crystals optional.