Miss W’s blog: My annual rain post

As anyone with a social media feed full of friends in Ibiza will no doubt already be aware, it’s raining in Ibiza today. Pouring in fact. Yes that’s right, the rain in Spain does indeed fall on the white isle occasionally and when it does, don’t we all go on about it? It’s like we’ve never seen a droplet of water come out of the sky before!

Regular readers of my blog will know, I personally love the rain. It inspires me, it motivates me and it makes me happy. And it’s just so good for the island’s environment when it’s so hot, dry and arid – we NEED water. I understand of course, that rain’s not great when you’ve planned for a sunny Ibiza holiday, or perhaps you’ve chartered a boat or booked that oversized daybed at BEACHOUSE Ibiza… but please, bear with me while I bang on about how great the August rain in Ibiza is once again (I’ve checked my archives – I write this once a year and today is the day!).

When I woke up this morning, looked outside and saw ominous black clouds, I had two thoughts:

1. AMAZING! It’s going to rain! Checked my trusty weather app, which confirmed the storm would start in 82 minutes.
2. Crap! It’s going to rain. I have an interview and a photo shoot in 90 minutes.

Every morning this week has been the same, but by lunchtime the clouds have blown over, the weather app has been proven wrong and we’ve had glorious weather. So with this in mind, I proceeded to hang all of my freshly washed bedding on the roof terrace, confirmed the aforementioned interview and shoot and headed off on my way to Pikes at Ibiza Rocks House where I was set to interview the legendary DJ Harvey.

About 25 minutes into the drive, no sign of rain but the clouds were getting ominous. As I turned into the camino that takes you up to Pikes – splat, splat, splat, splat, splat, SPLAT… and just like that, the rain started to hammer down and I was soaked just going from my car into the hotel – which, by the way, was also in a state of chaos as all the poor staff had to run to put cushions under cover, strip daybeds of their mattresses and escort guests to their rooms under umbrellas.

Thankfully for me, Harvey was a great sport and even happily posed for some hilarious shots in the courtyard in the rain (stay tuned for tomorrow’s Music newsletter to check out the results). I didn’t spare a thought for the bedding on my roof – so what if it gets wet? It was wet to start with anyway. While I was waiting for the rain to ease off before dashing to my car, I watched this video of holidaymakers determined not to let a downpour ruin their fun for the day.

I then got stuck in a flash flood in the street as I was driving out of San Antonio, and – along with about 50 other cars – had to drive at a snail’s pace to get home. But I was happy! The music on Ibiza Sonica Radio at that exact time was absolutely amazing (and this song in particular had me totally buzzing as I turned it right up as I cruised at five kilometres per hour). I was where I was supposed to be. Probably not what the people on scooters were thinking at about that time… but I was happy nonetheless.

Finally, as I drove to the top of Dalt Vila and realised I had no umbrella for the subsequent 10 minute walk from my parking spot to my apartment, on super slippery cobbled streets in flimsy flip flops, I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Look at where we live! It is still so beautiful, even when drenched in water and covered in dramatic grey clouds. And what’s wrong with getting a little soggy? I have a hairdryer, I have a change of clothes, I have some comfort food and red wine at home to settle in for the night…

I wish everyone in Ibiza could feel as happy about the rain as I do. The one unfortunate side effect of rain in Ibiza is that there are people who are the opposite of me, and instead of taking their sweet time and soaking (pardon the pun) up the rainy day vibes, they get stressed, they rush, they drive erratically and they have no patience. My lovely friend Miss A was the victim of such behaviour today, when a truck drove straight into the back of her car, leaving her in complete shock as her car was completely ruined and (as you’d imagine) causing even MORE traffic and chaos on the road while they dealt with the consequences of the driver’s lack of caution.

So please… if you are one of those people who are frustrated by the weather, or are worried about being late due to rain-induced traffic, take a little leaf out of my book. Switch your radio to Ibiza Sonica, drive slowly and steadily, pay attention to the cars and bikes both in front and behind you and take in the beauty of the island as water nourishes our crops and gardens. You’ll get there in the end, and getting there in one piece is important. More storms are forecast for tonight and tomorrow, so please take care folks… and Miss A, I hope you feel better soon!

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