Miss W’s blog: Happy 10th anniversary Ibiza Preservation Fund!

Having lived and worked on the island for over a decade now, I truly admire those brands and businesses who reach the ten-year milestone. While many come and go after short intense periods, those who are in it for the long haul seem to have one really important thing in common. A true love for Ibiza itself, with the desire to contribute to making the island a better place factoring into their philosophies and work ethics.

The Ibiza Preservation Fund not only embodies this ethos – it is their very reason for being, and 2018 sees the charity organisation celebrate its tenth anniversary. Led by a group of passionate islanders who hail from all corners of the globe and run by a talented team of professionals on the ground, the fund ‘exists to preserve Ibiza and Formentera’s exceptional beauty and natural value and promote sustainable initiatives.’ Just like the aforementioned businesses in Ibiza, environmental-based charities don’t often have a long shelf life, so to see a cause that is so close to my own heart reach this epic anniversary was cause for celebration. In the best way Ibiza knows how, of course…

Ibiza Preservation Fund’s 10th anniversary event was held at the stunning Finca Los Olivos. It’s that amazing hacienda-style villa you get a little glimpse into from the San Rafael roundabout – the one with hundreds of thoroughbred horses in the yards and the place where Kanye West and Mert & Marcus have famously hosted star-studded bashes in the past. Hosted by Deliciously Sorted – IPF co-founder Serena Cook’s concierge and events agency – the event was open to one and all (ticket prices were donated to IPF projects) and as to be expected, it attracted a crowd made up of the rich, famous and glamorous plus all the local, colourful characters of Ibiza and everyone in between. Which included me!

We arrived at sunset, winding our way up the long villa driveway, past the amazing horses (and yes, I was the girl who got out of her car while waiting to be valeted to take a million videos of the little pony galloping amongst all the fully grown steeds!) as the sun set in the hills in the distance, casting that glorious pink and orange glow in the sky. Once my equestrian excitement had dissipated, we went inside the beautiful villa (greeted with champagne, por supuesto) and joined the already large crowd that had gathered in the palm-lined garden.

Huge (Instagram-worthy) tables filled with Ibiza fresh produce or artisan crafts served as a reminder of the reason we were all gathered together, and we took some time to marvel over the beautiful fruits and veg, handmade castanets and hand-woven espadrilles (among many other things) before following that unmistakably sweet, sweet smell of barbecue to the opposite end of the garden, where local caterers La Grand Bouffe had put on a spread using only Ibiza products and ingredients. Alongside a giant paella were an array of locally-made sausages, the plumpest, juiciest payes chickens and hearty side salads to tuck into – topped off with Ibiza Chili Co spicy sauces!

Once our stomachs were full, it was time to turn attentions to one of my favourite pastimes – people watching. Ibiza’s very own queen of the make-up world, Charlotte Tilbury was floating around, looking stunning in a floor-length green dress and I had to restrain myself from accosting her to ask WHY her products are not sold here on the island! Oops… I digress. Famed hair maestro John Frieda – who is also on the board of the IPF – was mingling with guests including shoe designer and Ibiza lover Patrick Cox, singer James Blunt (who I accidentally mistook for Keith Urban and immediately regretted asking where his wife Nicole Kidman was… another oops) and so many Ibiza faces, from restaurateurs and business owners to families, those who have holiday homes on the island, yogis, local designers, socialites, ageing hippies, neo-hippies (you can tell the difference by the designer clothes and crystal-adorned dreadlocks) and more.

It was all very lovely, swanning around sipping passionfruit cocktails beneath the stars, catching up with friends and soaking up the ambience of Ibiza in all her glory. When it was time for speeches, IPF players Serena Cook, Philip Muelder, William Aitken, Sandra Benbeniste, Mari Angels and Frances Llopis all stepped up to the plate to remind us exactly why we were there (think about your carbon footprint and donate with that in mind!) and in addition, gave us some more insight into what they do. The IPF website can certainly explain that a lot better than I can, so click here to read all about it!

Once speech time was over, it was time to ascend the stairs for the dancing part of the evening, kicked off by Ibiza’s very own Flamenco fusion legend Paco Fernandez and his band and dancer. While the classic Flamenco dancing on stage was definitely to be admired, there was one cute little dancer (aka Little Miss BB) taking over the majority of the dance floor and winning the hearts of partygoers as she performed her own version of the classic dance complete with fan-flicking and twisting. Why should the grown ups have all the fun? Blond:ish were also on hand to get people on the dance floor and although I slipped out before midnight (because risk of turning into a pumpkin is real) with my organic cotton goodie bag (thank you IPF! I have been carrying it everywhere ever since) in hand, I hear the party continued until the very very early hours next door at Underground in true Ibiza style.

Now here’s the thing. Yes, fundraising parties are lovely, everyone has a good time schmoozing and air kissing and feeling collectively inspired by the cause, but then guests go home and that’s often the end of the fuss. What we don’t think about is all the hard work that happens next – the people behind the scene working tirelessly to use those funds wisely in a way that benefits the cause. The Ibiza Preservation Fund 10th Anniversary was not your average fundraiser however. Guests weren’t just there to schmooze and get their pics in the social pages (though that did happen too). We hear some very generous patrons of the fund more than doubled their donations after attending the event and given the fact we know everyone who was in attendance is indeed passionate about conserving Ibiza’s environment, we hope even more continue to donate long after they left the dance floor.

If you love this island (and if you’re reading this blog, there is a fair chance you do), please help us – and by us I obviously mean me, Charlotte Tilbury, John Frieda, Keith Urb… oops, James Blunt and co – keep the buzz alive by following the work of the Ibiza Preservation Fund and donating to their projects. Maybe you’re one of the aforementioned rich, famous and glamorous folk who can donate tens of thousands of euros. Maybe you’ve only got a spare 5€, but every little bit counts and is welcomed and appreciated. Maybe you’ve got a platform – be it a blog, an Instagram account or a Youtue channel – you can use to raise awareness. Whatever you do, don’t do nothing. Our beautiful island deserves a beautiful future.

Happy birthday Ibiza Preservation Fund and thank you for everything you do for our island!