Miss W’s blog: Ibiza’s got talent – VOTE TONIGHT!

Important update: THEY DID IT! If you’ve already read this blog (and hopefully voted!), I’m so happy to tell you… the DVP Dancers won! The girls are now through to the grand final episode of Spain’s Got Talent and will be performing live on television on Wednesday April 11, 2018 at 10pm, which means they need our votes again! All voting details and links remain the same – details below. GO DVP DANCERS! If you haven’t read this blog yet, catch up on the journey of Ibiza’s most talented young dancers below.

Whitney (may she rest in peace!) believed children are our future and I have to say, I think she was onto something. Kids these days are way more advanced than when I was little, that’s for sure – from voluntary veganism and breakthrough environmental developments coming out of primary schools to levels of extreme talent that just blow your mind. It’s likely some of them are going to take over the world before they’re fully grown.

What got me thinking about this was a crazy talented group of child performers from Ibiza, who are right now this minute preparing to perform live on Spain’s Got Talent tonight. If you’re reading this in another country, it’s the equivalent of Britain’s Got Talent, Holland’s Got Talent or America’s Got Talent – you get the drift – and while you may already know a lot about Ibiza (presuming so if you’ve signed up to read this blog), sometimes there are some amazing smaller local news stories that might not make it to your inbox. Like this one. And in this case, I thought it was my calling to present to you… the future of Ibiza: the Davinia Van Praag Academy dancers! And they need your vote!

The DVP dancers performing on the famous show tonight are a group of 16 local girls, aged between six and 16 years of age. While all are from Ibiza, their cultural heritages span the course of the globe, showing what a truly multi-cultural island we live on. Hailing from Spain, England, Holland, Australia, Argentina, Finland and Italy, the girls have been dancing together for around three years and are truly world-class. You don’t have to take my word for it – they’ve just returned from the annual Dance World Cup in Burgos where they won six gold medals, two silver medals and two bronze.

This is next level dance skills – it’s not like old school jazz ballet as taught by 1980s school teachers. The DVP dancers incorporate jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, acrobatics, street dance, break dance and ballet in their routines. They could run rings around Ibiza’s current crop of podium queens, though I’m pretty I think they aspire to more lofty stages anyway, like the West End or Broadway, or pop music film clips and the like. Not that there’s anything wrong with dancing at Pacha, Hï Ibiza or on the cabaret end of the spectrum, Lío Ibiza by any means. It’s just that this kind of talent needs to be on the world stage. Which brings me back to tonight’s show…

Wherever you are in the world, please tune in and vote! Vote for Ibiza and let the world see another side of our beautiful island – the side where children of all ages and from all cultures can come together through choreography to create magic. If you’re here in Spain, you can tune into Tele Cinco and if you’re anywhere else in the world, you can watch the show live via this link: https://www.telecinco.es/endirecto/. The show starts at 10pm and runs through until 1am, Spanish time and the DVP dancers could be on at any time.

Now here’s where it gets important… if you think the girls are amazing (and having seen them perform myself, I hope you will agree) and you want to cast your vote for them, there’s just a ten-minute window to do it. From the time they start dancing, a number will be displayed across your screen to call and this is only open for 10 minutes, through until the end of the next set of advertisements. Votes cost around 2€ each and I think are so worth it! These children are our future, whether they choose to stay here in Ibiza or head abroad. I think it’s our duty to support them now so they can support us later when we really need them!

The hours of sheer dedication these girls have put in to get to this point make them winners in my eyes. After months of rehearsing, they submitted a recording of the performance to be considered for performing on the show, and were chosen over thousands of others to make it through. Then when they performed (screened recently – you can watch it here) the judges gave them a resounding yes and sent them through to the semi-finals, which are tonight. All this week they’ve been in Madrid doing the final run-throughs and rehearsing for what could be the biggest moment of their lives.

Please help them win! VOTE FOR IBIZA tonight!

Disclaimer: In case you’re wondering, none of the girls in the DVP Dancers are related to me! I just think they’re amazing!