Miss W’s blog: Lost for words…

I know. It sounds ridiculous. I can basically hear all of my friends scoffing as they read this. But it’s true. There are times in my life when I get lost for words, and today is one of them.

For the very first time in my seven years and five months years of blogging (yes, I just went back through the entries and counted – time flies when you’re writing all the time), I just don’t know what to write about. Is this writer’s block? Or have I just finally, well and truly, run out of ideas for good? What is WRONG with me?

There have been times when my inspiration levels have been a little low in the past, but a quick scroll through my Facebook feed usually provides me with enough inspiration to fill a column or two. There have been weeks where I have been so ridiculously busy with clients, photoshoots and other pieces to write that I’d worry I wouldn’t have time to finish a blog, but there’s always a way – even if it means writing on your iPhone in the car on the way to a meeting (not while driving I might add – I’m not THAT good… yet!). And there have been weeks where I’ve been too tired or sick or hungover to write, but usually a good old fashioned Red Bull does the trick, and perks me up for about 500 words or so. Sure it’s not healthy, but it works.

But today doesn’t fit any of the above criteria. I just flat out have nothing to say. It’s weird. I mean, I’ve had a great week. I’ve had a busy week. A lot of cool things have happened in Ibiza. There are celebrities, A-listers, superyachts, villa parties, after parties and after-after parties to gawk at everywhere. In fact, just last Saturday night I was hanging out with Paris Hilton – not that I’m one to name drop – in the DJ booth at Amnesia, where we bonded over our cat ears accessories (her: a headband, me: a ring), pink hairdryers and a mutual love for Marco Carola and DC10. I definitely wasn’t at a loss for words that night… but that doesn’t really warrant a whole blog now, does it?

One of my photographer friends was working with George Clooney the other day, while another hair and make-up artist buddy was busy beautifying his wife. According to both of them, when Cindy Crawford floated past them she smelt amazing… again, not really blog worthy now, is it? Quite a few hangovers were served up thanks to George’s new Casamigos tequila launch… but that’s not what’s leaving me speechless today. Speaking of tequila, even the patron saint of the modern world, Oprah Winfrey was here last week sipping the stuff aboard global music magnate mate David Geffen’s yacht, when Princess Beatrice yacht-hopped across from her own boat to say hi. Apparently, they were all hanging out watching Straight Outta Compton. Where was my invite O?

As always, the celeb roll call is just endless. Anne Hathaway and her orange-hued buddy Valentino rocked out at Flower Power at Pacha, the perennially stylish Domenico Dolce and Steffano Gabbana joined the throes of Italians on the dance floor at Circo Loco, Mariah Carey’s been trotting around the Marina area in her sky-high heels with her little tots between jaunts on James Packer’s yacht and Mario Testino has jetted in for his annual visit. It was good to know some celebs are on a more normal tip, as my friend Miss S spotted Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes cruising the aisles of the Sant Jordi Hipercentro!

But I digress. Despite all these places to go and people to see (and stalk), I’ve got absolutely nothing to say in my blog today. Oh… look. 600 words already. I guess I’ll be going then. See you next week!