Miss W’s blog: Love is in the air

It’s Valentine’s Eve, and love is definitely in the air. Come tomorrow morning, it’s going to be on the airwaves, in your inboxes, in your old school post box, on your dinner plates, on your doorstep (I’d love a kitten with a big pink bow around her neck, if anyone’s paying attention, ahem), on your pulse points and if you’re in the market to get engaged, it might even end up on your finger.

One thing is certain in today’s society. On February 14, love is definitely going to be on your mind. Unless you live on a deserted island and have no access to the internet or a calendar… in which case, you’re not reading this email so it’s totally irrelevant!

Here on our little Mediterranean island, we are quite removed from the over-commercialism of V.Day, which sometimes I feel grateful for. For example, our favourite television shows are not interrupted by ads for florists, diamonds or dinners (though let’s be honest – we all just binge-watch Netflix now so our lives are blissfully ad-free anyway). You can walk into any shop and not be hit in the face by cardboard hearts hanging form the ceiling, you can buy a bag of potatoes without having to receive a pamphlet that suggests six sexy recipes you can use them in and towers made from boxes of chocolates don’t dominate the entire cash register area of your local supermarket.

On the other hand, there are times when I wish Ibiza was a little more Valentine’s inclined. Say, like those times when you’ve forgotten to buy your other half a gift, and you know there’s no chance a late night V.Day Eve online purchase can possibly arrive before he wakes up the next morning. Or when you DO happen to have the right gift, but can’t find any wrapping paper that isn’t for children. Or when all you’ve got left in your pantry is a bag of potatoes and you’re trying to work out how you can possibly turn that into a romantic meal!

Photo above of The Giri Residence by Ana Lui

Speaking of meals, a decadent Valentine’s dinner is always an option on the white isle, though given Ibiza is like a small town in winter, you have to be comfortable knowing you and your partner will be seated in close proximity to your boss/neighbour/client/bank manager. You can check out our selection of the best dining options in Ibiza on the White Ibiza Event Calendar here – but remember the small town syndrome thing… with such a limited amount of locations, you’ll need to make a reservation to ensure you don’t miss out. Then again, you could always whip up your very own romantic meal for two from potatoes…

Though there may be a shortage of restaurants, of cards, of wrapping paper, of diamonds, of florists and kittens with bright pink bows on their necks here in Ibiza, I’ll tell you the one thing Ibiza is definitely NOT lacking. L.O.V.E. Love is all around us here on the white isle and we don’t need a day dedicated to showing it (though I still wouldn’t say no to a kitten or a nice dinner). No matter where I am in Ibiza, I feel love, everywhere.

I love the way each and every resident of the island has their own unique reason for loving Ibiza. I also love the way the island inspires such fiercely loyal, passionate love in her visitors too. I love the way you can be alone in Ibiza, but never feel lonely, because you always have the island as your constant companion. To live in a place that inspires such love in a collective of strangers hailing from all corners of the globe is really something special. One thing’s for sure – if Ibiza could receive cards and gifts on V.Day, there wouldn’t be enough postmen and couriers on duty to deliver them all!

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