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Happy 10th anniversary Ibiza Preservation Fund!

Having lived and worked on the island for over a decade now, I truly admire businesses who reach the ten-year milestone and 2018 sees the Ibiza Preservation Fund celebrate its tenth anniversary.

The scent of a WooMooN

Over the past few years, my penchant for clubbing in a dark room pulsating with lasers has slowly but been replaced with the desire to dance in nature...

Island life

Follow the hashtag #islandlife on Instagram and you’ll find almost ten million posts depicting the picture perfect life surrounded by sun, sea, sand and clear blue skies...

Siesta forever!

Good old fashioned siestas are one of my very favourite things about daily life in Spain.

Woah… we’re halfway there

I have waited my whole life to write that headline and now the day has finally arrived. As far as the 2018 Ibiza season goes, we’ve officially reached the halfway point.

Full moon hopping

You’ve heard of bar-hopping, club-hopping, beach-hopping, island-hopping and city-hopping right? Well this week I would like to introduce another hop to the mix...