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If you know, you know…

In recent years, the saying ‘if you know, you know’ has gotten a lot of airtime. Especially here in Ibiza.

Raindrops keep falling on my island…

Anyone who knows me, or has been regularly reading my blog, will be familiar with the fact I love it when it rains in Ibiza. I crave the days when the skies are black aside from the odd jagged lightning strike...

Is September the new August?

The arrival of September in Ibiza is always a blissful time in Ibiza. But this season, the flurry of re-acclimatisation seems to have made islanders busier than ever before.

Happy 10th anniversary Ibiza Preservation Fund!

Having lived and worked on the island for over a decade now, I truly admire businesses who reach the ten-year milestone and 2018 sees the Ibiza Preservation Fund celebrate its tenth anniversary.