Miss W’s blog: Vote for the openings!

While clubs, promoters and opening parties (and indeed, even opening hours) have always come and gone, in Ibiza we’ve always had the double header of Space Opening Fiesta on a Sunday followed by Circo Loco at Dc10 opening to look forward to each year.

The parties fall j-u-s-t before the official summer craziness hits, so many a business – be it shop, bar or restaurant – shut up shop for these two days and let their staff have one last hurrah, because really… everyone who’s anyone is at the party, so there’s no one to serve anyway.

You can also basically use this weekend as a reliable weather forecast – it ALWAYS rains for Space opening. Whether it’s just a light drizzle on the morning or a full-on electrical storm in the evening, you can practically set your clock by it.

However in 2015, there has been an unprecedented opening hiccup… SPACE OPENING HAS BEEN POSTPONED!!

Just a few short weeks ago, the word was put out that Space had been FORCED to push back the opening by a week (so don’t worry, you haven’t missed it – it’s happening this weekend on Sunday May 31, 2015) due to the regional elections of all things. According to local government, the amount of polling booths manned by the Policia on the 24th meant there wouldn’t be enough manpower to provide the support, security and surveillance needed for an event of such magnitude.

Who knew 18,000 clubbers or so needed such strict supervision? Or perhaps the real question is – who knew VOTERS needed such strict supervision, security and surveillance?

Cue thousands of disgruntled ticket holders, endless calls to airlines and hotels trying to change holiday dates and many a frantic phone call to artists managers trying to rearrange DJ schedules to keep the line-up the same as it was intended to be. Of course, all pre-purchased tickets were instantly valid for the new date, or refundable should the holder not be able to attend the party, but what a giant mess!

You can’t blame Space, given that the event had probably been planned since before last year’s closing. You can’t blame the police, since they’re just doing their job and turning up to patrol wherever they’re told. You can’t blame the voters, because it’s their right and they can’t control the days they’ve been told to do it on. And as the saying goes, every vote counts.

But I vote for the openings! Doesn’t that count for anything?

It’s not like it’s a local election. It’s a collective – 13 of the 17 autonomous regions of Spain were to elect their parliament on this fateful day – but why couldn’t THEY push their little event back by a week. Surely politicians like a good rave too? It doesn’t seem fair that they could rain on our annual parade like that.

Speaking of rain, now the party’s been moved by a week, does this mean we’re guaranteed pure sunshine? Only time will tell…