Miss W’s blog: Wake me up when September ends

157 newsletters, 316 blog posts, 5 full-length magazines, six location fashion shoots, 15 studio shoots, 46 closing parties, roughly 50 shots of mezcal, six bottles of tequila, around 60 ibuprofen, three sausage and egg drive-thru McMuffins, countless missed yoga classes, two new pairs of boots, one celebrity best friend, a flock of flamingos and about a million guest list requests… and the Ibiza summer is STILL going strong!

Wowsers. I remember the days when September was the quiet time. The time businesses started shutting up shop, workers started letting their hair down, friends started reuniting after busy summers spent working, and the island slowed down to a more relaxing pace. But in 2015… September is busy, busy, busy! Restaurants are still booked out every night, there are massive queues to get into all the clubs and there are still hundreds of boats moored at Es Palmador every day. And – dammit – there’s still that infernal traffic on the Santa Eulalia road.

It seems the secret’s out – Ibiza at the end of the season is absolutely magical and everyone wants to be a part of it. Now on one hand that makes me super happy, because I love seeing our island thrive and win the hearts of even more people with each passing year. And it also means there are plenty MORE parties and places to go before the summer is officially over rather than the end-of-season wind down of previous years. On the other hand… when is it going to be MY turn to kick back and enjoy the island properly?

This extended season business means my friends are all still working like crazy, and here at White Ibiza we’re still producing plenty of blog and magazine content to keep our readers up to date with what’s going on at this time of year. My treasured end-of-season stay-cation in Ibiza is being pushed back to the end of next month in order to keep the momentum going just that little bit longer. Does this mean October is becoming the new September?

Thankfully for me (and the lingering, clued-up tourist crowds), the weather in October is still pretty amazing and it usually warms up again after the September rains, so much so that you can still swim and sunbathe all the way up until the end of the month. In fact, Formentera have even introduced a new tourism initiative to attract more visitors to our sister isle in the autumn months, with restaurants and hotels staying open longer than ever… you know where I’ll be headed come October.

I’ve never been the type to get nostalgic at the end of the Ibiza summer. I love the contrast of seasons. Each one has its merits, and provide the perfect yin to the other’s yang. In Ibiza autumn signifies the beginning of the tranquil time of year, the time when you start taking stock of the summer just gone and making plans for the months ahead – whether they include business, travel, celebrations, lifestyle changes, detoxes, new homes or anything else that takes your fancy. Before you know it, the summer kicks in again (starting even earlier than ever before with each year) and we’re on the Ibiza rollercoaster once again.

So wake me up when September ends (eek! That’s tomorrow!) because the best is yet to come! It’s time for me to hit the beach. I was more tanned in October than I had been throughout the entire summer season, and I can’t wait to reach the same shade of golden brown this year. Autumn in Ibiza rocks!