Miss W’s blog: Where am I?

As you read this, I’m not here. Isn’t that weird? You’re reading my words, but I’m not here. Normally I write my blogs with minutes to spare before our deadline comes (washed down with a jumbo Red Bull), press publish, press send on our newsletter campaign, share to Facebook and Instagram and then kick back and nervously cross my fingers that people will read (and hopefully like) what I’ve written.

But this week, I’m not here. This blog was written in the past, so future Miss W could take some time off, switch off her computer and ignore her telephone. Instead of nervously kicking back and crossing her fingers that people will read and like her blogs, future Miss W should be kicking back on a beach, cocktail in hand, working on her tan and r.e.l.a.x.i.n.g. right this very minute. Isn’t technology amazing?

[ED’S NOTE: Knowing Miss W, she’s probably secretly hacked into someone’s internet to double check everything has gone off without a hitch – are you there Miss W? We’re doing just fine without you.]

So where am I?

Last week I waxed lyrical about loving the island so much that I didn’t ever want to leave. To quote myself (is that weird?) “Even when I do have time off from work, I want to spend it in Ibiza (though I do occasionally island-hop to Formentera) because it’s here that I find everything I’ve ever wanted or dreamed of in one easy 35-kilometre stretch of beautiful terrain.” (Yep, that was weird.) It’s true! As I am writing this blog, I’m simultaneously planning my annual end-of-season wind down, and I have the freedom to go anywhere in the world. I’ve checked out Mexico. I thought about Thailand. I contemplated city breaks in London, New York or Paris. I could join the rest of the Ibiza ranks in Amsterdam for ADE. I could visit many friends in many countries all around the world.

Should I stay or should I go?

On the one hand, if I stay, I can finally get to enjoy all the best Ibiza restaurants I’ve been writing about all summer, and if the weather holds out, I could hang out on the beautiful beaches too. I could spend some serious time redecorating my apartment – it’s been looking quite shabby and neglected since the busy season kicked in back in March – or organise my wardrobe by colours. Maybe I could spend the entire week cutting, sewing, sticking, gluing and creating my Halloween costume (it is just around the corner after all).

On the other hand… if I go, I can finally shop for new season’s fashion in some boutiques that aren’t selling off the same old summer kaftans at full price even though the season’s over. I could check out some art exhibitions (hello Chanel at Saatchi!), I could watch some new movies in English and snack on something that wasn’t a ham and cheese croquette (don’t get me wrong – I love croquettes. I’ve just had far too many this summer). Or alternatively, I could sun myself on an entirely different beach – drink tequila instead of hierbas – and actually come back with a REAL tan (not the been-at-my-computer-or-in-a-club-all-summer Ibiza tan).

But at this point in time, I have no idea what future Miss W is going to do with her time off. Will she stay in Ibiza? Will she go to Formentera? Will she actually leave the island? Only time will tell… and me of course – you can be sure I’ll let you know where I’ve been once I’m back!