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Adios winter…

It appears to be time I admitted defeat. I must take off my scarf and boots, pack away my heater and swap the duvet for a summer blanket. Winter...

Well then. It appears to be time I admitted defeat. I must take off my scarf and boots, pack away my heater and swap the duvet for a summer blanket.

Winter in Ibiza is well and truly over… But it’s still raining almost every day! My brain tries to counter-argue, as we’re putting polo neck sweaters into storage. True, we’ve had some rainfall of late… but it’s that heavy, humid kind of rain where the sun comes streaming out in all its glory later, leaving no puddles, no wet grass and no evidence of any downpour.

But the clubs aren’t open yet! Brain keeps trying, as we get the flip flops down from the top shelf of the wardrobe and put the Ugg boots in their place. That’s not quite true, given the Sankeys summer parties have already kicked off… and all the Pacha openings take place from next week! Better get those strappy sandals down while you’re at it. But it’s really not beach weather! It insists, as I swap my bikini and sock drawers around from top to bottom for easier access. This really depends where you go. It’s true, there’s a wild wind sweeping the island, but the little northern coves are totally protected and already full of practically naked sunbathers. So what if the water’s cold? No one says you have to swim. It’s all about building up a base tan. Ah! Says the brain, thinking it’s onto a winner now. But you haven’t even started a detox, diet or crazy summer exercise regime yet. Errr – is my own brain suggesting I’ve put on some winter weight? Listen, I’m on it. Yoga starts tonight. And err, diet starts when I finish that block of coconut chocolate in the fridge. And the M&Ms in the cupboard. And the pork scratchings left over from my Medieval festival too. You don’t in friends with salad, but you do certainly look better in a bikini.

The brain can argue no more when I remind it that the chaotic Santa Eulalia road traffic has started already – add an extra 15 minutes onto your trips up north designated drivers. I’ve seen the taxi queue at the airport and it’s definitely long enough to warrant reading a book. Flights are already full coming from the mainland and the UK alike. And my cat is moulting like crazy, which means I can no longer wear black and have to switch to beautiful Balearic whites. And speaking of fashion, you can see the tourists have arrived – cue shorts and flip flops, even in the rain. I hear stories of no one being able to find accommodation at a reasonable price anymore, that the price of rental cars has gone up extortionately and I know firsthand you already need to make a reservation to ensure you get a table at El Chiringuito for lunch on a Saturday! First world problems. Ibiza summer problems. But for every negative associated with the arrival of summer and all those pesky little things that drive us mad at the beginning but we forget by the end of June, there’s also an amazing positive! Sunshine! Beach! Suntans! Swimming! Clubs! Music! Parties! After parties! After-after parties! Cocktails! Shopping! Eating! Friends! Fun! Not to mention my favourite part… starting the countdown to next winter.