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Coming home

While I truly love my overseas holiday experiences every year, my favourite part of every trip is always coming home to Ibiza.

As I type this blog, I’m away on holiday, staying in a beautiful hotel, on a stunning beach, in a pretty incredible country.

As I type this blog, I’m away on holiday, staying in a beautiful hotel, on a stunning beach, in a pretty incredible country. But as I breathe in the beautiful seaside air, stare at the stunning view, explore the landscape and indulge in the delicious local cuisine each day, I can’t help but thinking to myself … it’s just… not… Ibiza. Talk about first world problems! Like most people around the world who work a regular year round job, I very much look forward to my annual leave. After the end of the summer season in Ibiza, we all certainly feel like we need a rest! But the problem – or perhaps I should say the blessing – is that Ibiza is just so special, it’s hard for any other holiday destination to rival it when it comes time to take that well-earned vacation.

I’ve tried the ‘staycation‘ thing and while it definitely is amazing to feel like a tourist on my own island at times, the fact is, living on a small island can give you a sense of cabin fever, in addition to a craving for the kind of culture we don’t have on our island. After eventually realising that getting off the island once in a while is actually very beneficial to my motivation, inspiration and even my mental health, I now make it my mission to visit different destinations for a few weeks each winter. It could be a buzzing, hectic city break, an outback adventure or a relaxing beach escape… But no matter what or where it is, it never quite lives up to Ibiza. (I can hear you all wanting to virtually slap me right about now – please give me a minute and let me get to my point!) So this brings me back to my first paragraph. Here I am, on a beautiful beach, in a stylish beach club, sipping world class cocktails, listening to two of my favourite DJs in the world spin laid back beats – and all I can think of Ibiza. What is wrong with me? I am not homesick exactly – in fact, I have to admit, life as a digital nomad is pretty amazing. Writing from a daybed is definitely much cooler than writing at a desk (though I do miss having a cat on my lap). And I am grateful – so grateful! – to be able to have these experiences. But my heart and my soul still yearn for Ibiza.

One of the greatest things about being on holiday is it gives you a lot of time to think. And so I’ve been thinking a lot about why I feel this need to constantly compare new destinations to my home. It’s not only me who feels this way about their home country being the greatest place on earth. Just look at the Italians. Parisians. Canadians. Australians. Londoners. Born and bred New Yorkers. It’s so much more than just the beauty (which of course is in the eye of the beholder) of our homes we hold so dear, it’s a feeling. A connection. A vibe. A sense of belonging. To each their own, and mine is Ibiza. The simple fact is, I am so fortunate to have chosen the white isle my home and I feel so privileged to live there all year round. Additionally I feel so lucky to be able to experience other parts of the world in order to realise, over and over again, I really am where I am supposed to be. And while I truly love my holiday experiences every year, my favourite part of every trip is always coming home. I never feel sad packing up my suitcase and saying goodbye to another continent because I am always looking forward to returning to Ibiza. I love coming home, because I have such a wonderful place to come home to. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of anticipation as the plane tips its wing over Es Vedra as it comes in to land on Ibiza… and you don’t have to live here to identify with that feeling. It’s something islanders – be they Ibicencos or expats – and holidaymakers alike have been feeling for more than half a century. As they say, home is where the heart is and whether yours is here all year round like mine, or just for a week every summer, that feeling of coming home to Ibiza belongs to us all.