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Dude, where’s my bunny?

Miss W’s blog - Easter in Ibiza

Is a taste of a good old fashioned chocolate bunny too much to ask on an island as cosmopolitan as Ibiza?

As I was walking through Ibiza town last night – surrounded by some pretty impressive life-sized effigies of Jesus and the Virgin Mary being carried up towards the cathedral by religious procession participants in their pointed-hats and robes, preparing for the main event on Good Friday – I couldn’t help but feel a bit cheated. With all due respect to the traditions taking place and the religious significance of the occasion, at that moment in time, I just wanted a taste of the good old fashioned Easter bunny.

Is that too much to ask on an island as cosmopolitan as Ibiza?

I love Easter in Ibiza as it goes. Four and a half long, blissful public holidays (or fiestas, as they’re perhaps more appropriately named here), extended long days drenched in glorious golden sunlight thanks to last weekend’s arrival of daylight savings time, the spooky and sombre Good Friday procession, opening parties aplenty, the long awaited reopening of many of my favourite restaurants (check our all-new event calendar for all the best things to do on the island this weekend), the first wave of fresh faced tourists, and an all over feeling of positivity in the air.

But I’m just saying… a few chocolate eggs wouldn’t go astray. I’m surprised that over the many years I’ve lived in Ibiza, Easter eggs are one of the few international cultural (I use the term loosely) items that haven’t weaseled their way onto the Eroski shelves. Just thinking about them has got my mouth watering… Cadbury Creme Eggs. Cadbury Mini Eggs. Cadbury Caramel Eggs. Lindt bunnies. Snickers Eggs. Then there are the posh eggs. Godiva eggs. Artisanal hand made eggs. Salted caramel eggs. Green & Black’s dark chocolate eggs. There’s even a Roberto Cavalli zebra egg for those with EGGceptional tastes. And for the Star Wars geeks (me! me! me!), there’s the ultimate: The M&S Darth Vader egg. It’s so EGGxciting!

But really, I’m a girl of simple tastes. Nothing too egg-stravagant. All bunny or egg-shaped chocolate donations will be gratefully accepted.

My waistline (and probably my boyfriend) is grateful we DON’T have access to all these chocolate goodies – I could eat them all in one day. Wouldn’t even make me sick. I’m not even EGGSagerrating. Violet Beauregarde, Augustus Gloop – you’ve got nothing on Miss W at Easter. Well, you would have nothing on me if I could get my hands on the goodies! Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise…