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First world solutions

This week, a small group of residents have come together to contribute towards a first world solution...

We’ve all probably muttered or hashtagged the phrase first world problems at some point this summer – off the top of my head, I can think of the Santa Eulalia road traffic congestion.

We’ve all probably muttered or hashtagged the phrase first world problems at some point this summer – off the top of my head, I can think of the Santa Eulalia road traffic congestion, too much rain (although for me there’s never enough!), not enough sleep, bad parking, overpriced restaurants in Formentera, not enough time to do yoga in between shopping and lunch, no high-end designer boutiques in Ibiza, getting the 2000€ VIP table in Pacha instead of the 6000€ one you’d requested, mojitos being pre-mixed at parties rather than muddled on the spot, not being able to think of a blog topic for the week… #firstworldproblems indeed.

The list could go on, and on, and on. However this this week, rather than bitch and moan about irrelevant problems, a small group of residents have put their brains and resources together to contribute towards a first world solution to a problem that is very real – delivering much needed aid to refugees in Calais, France. The temporary camps housing asylum seekers from war-torn countries such as Syria have been nicknamed ‘The Jungle’ so dire are their conditions. In most parts of the world the situation is all over the media, but here on the island we have a tendency to be shielded from some of the less-than-beautiful aspects of the real world, so it’s not as in your face (or on your Facebook as the case may be).

We live in the Ibiza bubble. It might be glorious sunshine (finally!) here in Ibiza right now, but winter has already crept in at these camps. By day it is bleak. By night it is freezing. You choose to be educated or you choose to be ignorant. You can turn a blind eye or you can act. If you’ve read this far, my hope is that you’re interested in contributing towards the solution. In less than one week, Love From Ibiza has raised over 2800€ in cash and have received a huge number of donations in the way of clothes, blankets and shoes. But there’s always room for more. As mentioned earlier, to some people in Ibiza 2800€ is a drop in the champagne ice bucket at your VIP table in one of the clubs. To others, the island’s worker community, this could be two or even three months wages.

Whatever you can spare, be it small change, one night’s tips, a nice crisp 100€ or the old clothes stashed at the back of your wardrobe collecting dust, every little donation is appreciated and will go to good use. There are a number of collection points across the island, accepting donations – visit this page to find out where and how to dinate, or to attend one of the planned fundraising events. If you’re not in Ibiza but would still like to contribute, you can donate via the group’s Gofundme page, or you can order something physical – like sleeping bags for winter conditions or personal hygiene items – from Amazon or Decathlon and have them delivered directly to a drop off point.

If you’re in the UK and prefer to donate locally, you can find the nearest charity points near you by visiting this link. If you’re an island resident and want to feel good while you’re doing good, you can take part in this Saturday’s fundraising spa day – held at a secret villa location – for a donation of just 40€ per person, which includes a welcome cava, lunch and a treatment from one of six therapists, plus the chance to enter raffles to win some amazing prizes donated by local businesses. No one’s asking you to give up your VIP daybed in the beach club. No one’s suggesting you shouldn’t go on holiday to Ibiza. No one’s intimating you shouldn’t buy that sparkly new dress or sassy new bikini to wear while you’re here. All we’re asking is that you think of the human beings who are SO MUCH less fortunate than those of us in the Ibiza bubble, those who have never heard of Pacha or Ushuaia, and those who don’t have a nice cosy bed to climb into at night and where the term VIP certainly does not exist. Love From Ibiza will drive to Calais from the white isle with all donations on October 3, 2015.