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White Ibiza is recruiting...

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what industry you work in – hiring and firing is just a cold hard fact of life. Some say this is even more difficult on the white isle for a number of reasons... which leads me to the matter at hand. White Ibiza is recruiting...

This is also true in Ibiza. In fact, some might say it’s even more difficult on the white isle for a number of reasons, ranging from people who come to party rather than work, the transient nature of people who relocate here seasonally or the fact that the beach is much more appealing than an office between May and October. And also the fact that wages in Ibiza aren’t the equivalent of city jobs – but hey, it’s the price we pay for living in paradise. Here at White Ibiza we have a core team of dedicated staff who (and I am crossing my fingers as I say this) seem to be both dedicated to their work and in love with the island lifestyle. The perfect fit! But we’re on the lookout for some newbies… It hasn’t always been this way.

There have been times when we’ve been understaffed and over-stressed, and over the years we’ve had a bit of a revolving door of team members in different departments. There were times when I had to ask myself, am I so difficult to work with? Do I not make it easy for new team members to assimilate, learn how to do their jobs and (ahem) get them on any guest list they want throughout the summer? Maybe it’s just that my standards are too high. And I’m a control freak. It’s understandable. Before my life in Ibiza began – yes, there was a Miss W before Ibiza, even though I do seem to be part of the furniture right now – I was in the very thick of the ‘Devil Wears Prada’ world of glossy women’s magazines. And for that, you’ve got to have a thick skin – mind you, smooth, flawless skin, not to mention all the right clothes, hair, make-up and contacts.

Forget New York – if you can make it in magazines, you can make it anywhere. While I eventually tired of that lifestyle – free perfume, make-up, clothes, haircuts and champagne don’t pay the rent (though I do miss them at times) – and felt a strong calling to move to Ibiza, what I can say about my tenure in magazines is that I learnt from the very best. From interview techniques and small talk tactics to the rules of engaging writing, juggling multiple deadlines and a busy social schedule under pressure, what readers want and how to find beauty in absolutely anything. And along with my three pink suitcases full of free beauty products, clothes and shoes, plus my beloved cat Buffy, I brought all that experience here with me to the white isle, and apply it, in theory, to what we do at White Ibiza. Which brings me to the matter at hand (yes, I hear you – get to the point).

I need a mini-me. Well, they can be taller than me of course (it’s not hard – I’m not very big) but I need someone who can swoop into our stylish all-white offices and be my right hand person. First and foremost, that person needs to be a damn good copywriter. The primary responsibilities are researching, interviewing and writing the content on White Ibiza. You’ll be writing to brief, so I can teach you the ways of the force, but the must-have skills needed for this role are a natural affinity with words, good spelling, grammar and OCD attention to detail. English must be your first language and Spanish would be a great asset. The ability to pun (or make really bad ‘dad jokes’), while not essential, always wins brownie points with me. Initiative, ideas, enthusiasm and self-motivation are all key to nailing this job.

You should be a social media whizz – because you love it and are all over it in your spare time – and be hungry to seek out new information or sniff out a story. Where are people going, what are they saying, who are they buzzing about? You know, because you’re there, you’re saying it and you’re buzzing about it too. And this might be obvious, but you need to LOVE Ibiza. Ibiza is your place. Presumably, you already know and love our website, our magazines and our online shop. You’re probably going over it with a fine tooth comb as I type… The role is quite junior, though I’m open to discussing opportunities with anyone more experienced who thinks they’d be perfect for the job (see first paragraph relating to salaries – remember, this isn’t London). If you’ve been thinking about moving to Ibiza but were worried there weren’t enough career opportunities, now’s your chance to give it a try.

If you’re living here already and it sounds right up your alley, get in touch. Send an email to [email protected] – and here’s where you’ve really got to pay attention, which the right candidate will of course do – with Attention: Miss W – Junior copywriter as the subject line. Please include a copy of your CV, three varied examples of your writing work, plus a cover letter detailing why you think being my mini-me would be your dream job. And please remember, I’m allergic to spelling mistakes and typos, especially in an application for a position as a writer. It’s not just me who is looking for assistance at White Ibiza. Our brand has expanded rapidly over the past year and we’re recruiting for a number of different roles for the season ahead (yes, we plan this far ahead in advance). We’re looking for a graphic designer. We’re looking for an office manager and a webmaster. There are a lot of shiny new chairs to fill in our office and rather than rush to fill the positions at the beginning of summer, we’re happy to spend time now searching for the people who are j-u-u-s-t right to join our team. If you’re interested in knowing more about current availabilities visit http://www.white-ibiza.com/careers and follow the application process on the site. That’s the hiring covered. As for the firing… well, let’s hope there won’t be any need to do any! I just liked the catchy rhyme.