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Is September the new August?

The arrival of September in Ibiza is always a blissful time in Ibiza. But this season, the flurry of re-acclimatisation seems to have made islanders busier than ever before....

The arrival of September is always a blissful time in Ibiza. The traffic on the roads has eased up a little, restaurants are slightly easier to get a reservation in, the temperature by day is still hot, but not hot hot, and there’s a beautiful balmy breeze in the evenings.

The light turns golden. It’s still summer by all means, but the heaviness and hectic-ness of August has dropped, like a weight off the island’s collective shoulders. At the same time, all of those islanders who seemed to drop off the face of the earth for the last four weeks start popping up again – solving what often seems like a giant missing persons report that spans the entire island. The nice thing about this is, you can finally see your friends as they (and you) start making regular appearances at parties again. You also start to see your colleagues, clients and associates again – which on one hand is great (long-overdue invoices finally get paid and emails get answered as some kind of organisational order is restored in the world of admin) and on the other, quite overwhelming. Because when absolutely everyone you know on a small island like Ibiza awakens from their August hibernation, work-aholism or party marathon (oh and let’s not forget those returning from Burning Man in a state of zen/flux/crossroads) at exactly the same time – chaos ensues!

We all need haircuts. We all need to go to the bank. We all take our pets for their check-ups. We even go to the doctor/masseuse/shaman ourselves. We all want to hit the beach. We all want to arrange or buy those things we were talking about back in July – today. We all need to catch up – be it for business or pleasure – and we need to do it like, yesterday. We all start posting to Instagram again. Some of us (those with way too much time on their hands) may even return to scrolling through Facebook! We all want to go to the final instalments of our favourite events (because in September, the line-ups are the best!), and of course, we all want guest list. We’ve got to catch that sunset, eat that steak, drink that George Michael inspired cocktail by the pool at Pikes, watch capoeira one more time (OK I was kidding on that last one). All of a sudden… WE’RE ALL EVERYWHERE. AND WE’RE ALLLLLLLL BUSY. The flurry of September re-acclimatisation seems to have made us busier than ever before. If I hear my email ping one more time this hour (PING! There it goes, right on cue – switching to silent mode) I will scream. If my phone flashes up with another of those relentless WhatsApp groups (you all know my feelings on this – if not, catch up here!) I might even cry. If my phone rings, I’m going to hurl it out the window (or alternatively, look on the bright side and quote Gretchen Weiner: ‘I can’t help it if I’m popular.’) If my to-do-list gets any longer I might just shut the front door, turn off all the lights and hide for the rest of the year. Or fake my own death, move to Mexico and live happily ever after on tacos and tequila.

OK, so I may be a little overly dramatic, but I must say, the intensity in which September arrived this year has kind of shocked me. A few years ago I remember writing about how September was busier than ever before and yet in hindsight, I think 2015 was a piece of cake. I know it’s not just me. Everyone I speak to – friends, clients, cats – all feel the same this season. The light at the end of the tunnel we used to associate with September is barely visible at all right now. So the question is… is September the new August?* *Because if it is, I am totally cool with it, I just want someone to confirm it for me so I can manage my own expectations appropriately and make plans for October!