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It’s all about week two…

Miss W let's us in on Ibiza's biggest secret

While many people are still suffering after last weekend's opening extravaganzas, there are a bunch of smug islanders grinning with glee because for us - ahem, I mean THEM - it’s all about week two...

While many of our readers are probably still nursing those three-day hangovers from the two-day opening extravaganza that was Ushuaia-Amnesia-Space (and for the very brave, incorporating DC10), or are back at their desks in the city wondering if that REALLY just happened, there are a bunch of smug islanders – not mentioning any names, especially not my own – grinning and smiling with glee and even inventing their very own hashtag because for us – ahem, I mean THEM… it’s all about week two. #allaboutweek2 Ahhh, week two.

That mythical-like clubbing week where you – I mean they – have no problem securing guest list entry, don’t have to queue to get in, know everyone on the dancefloor, can get to and from the bar in a flash, find the DJ line-ups less commercial but more forward thinking, don’t have to be paranoid about getting your mobile phone nicked from your pocket and always go home completely satisfied that you’ve just experienced one of the best parties of your life. It’s also the week where you can get away with being tired and hungover at work, because no one is looking at the bags under your eyes and saying “had a good opening then?”.

You just breeze in under the radar, no need to brag about the epic rave you’ve just had because you know… YOU JUST KNOW… it’s all about week two, and week two is our islanders’ sacred little secret. In all likelihood, the person sitting next to you is probably feeling exactly the same (if you weren’t there together of course – clubbing in Ibiza is like our very own version of Friday night after work drinks… every night of the week). After all, it’s week two. Of course this doesn’t mean we’d forgo the openings by any means. It just means we don’t have inflated expectations to have the most amazing nights of our lives, because (she says in a whisper) we all know it’s all about week two.

It also means, if you happens to miss a certain opening due to other commitments, clubbing fatigue or the like, you can be safe in the knowledge that the week that’s to come is going to make up for any disappointments. But you have to promise not to tell anyone. I mean, I love the tourism that the clubbing season brings to the island – I wouldn’t have a job without it – but I don’t want to compete with 14,000 people to get to the bar at Amnesia or 18,000 people standing outside Space at 6am for a taxi home every night of the week!