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Making people happy

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom in the news lately. Life goes on of course, but during times like these, it's important to also focus on things...

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom in the news lately. From major events like senseless tragedies and wars to frightening issues of uncertainty such as the state of international politics right down to smaller sad things going on in people’s day-to-day lives.

Life goes on, we accept changes and perhaps we all get a little more numb to the news as the days go by, but I think – especially during times like these – it’s really important to also focus on the things that make people happy. To try to make people happy. To be happy ourselves. And something I’ve become very aware of over the past few weeks is that Ibiza is a place that makes people from all over the world happy. People flock to Ibiza to enjoy a weeklong holiday under the glorious Mediterranean sun. To swim in crystal clear waters free of pollution. To watch incredible sunsets. To dance ‘til dawn every night to the sounds of the world’s best DJs. To indulge in world-class cuisine in beautiful settings. To soak up the combination of ancient city surroundings, beach life and the laidback countryside ambience. To make new, like-minded friends. To create unforgettable memories. To be happy.

Some people come here to escape the stress and doldrums of their daily lives. Others do it to add to an already enriching existence. Some people save up for an entire year to enjoy their week in the sun. Others are splashing their cash, popping over on their private jet when the mood strikes them. Sure – some of those people may have it better than the others, but whatever the motivation, the end result is happiness. I have been to a few parties over the past few weeks that weren’t my usual choice of dark and twisted techno sounds. I’ve been to Glitterbox at Space, I’ve been to Paris Hilton’s Foam & Diamonds (twice!) at Amnesia and I’ve been to the all-new hip-hop night at Sankeys Ibiza, Applebum. What really struck me at these three parties is that each and every person on the dance floor – and believe me, the dance floors were packed with a very mixed crowd – had a huge smile on their face and was happy to be there. It wasn’t about being seen with the right people, or in the right clothes, or listening to the right music (that’s all relative). It was unadulterated hands-in-the-air collective happiness, right there.

That’s what Ibiza is all about. It’s what it’s always been about. It’s not about excluding anyone. It’s not about a dress code or a cool crowd. It’s about uniting people, be it for the duration of a moment, a night, a week or a season… To see thousands of people smiling and dancing, despite all the terrible things we continue to see and hear about on a day-to-day basis, is quite an overwhelming experience in itself. Doctors, nurses and veterinarians of the island aside (respect!), I know we’re not saving lives here in Ibiza. But those of us who live and work here are in the business of making people happy, and in times like these, when escapism is becoming such a necessary element of life, that’s an important business to be in. Sure, it doesn’t make a difference to the state of the EU. It doesn’t change America’s gun laws. It doesn’t relieve global poverty or hunger and it doesn’t affect climate change. But it does affect people’s state of being, right here, right now. And isn’t that a wonderful thing to be a part of?