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Music Against Animal Cruelty

When you look at the photo above, it’s hard to imagine any association with say… lions and tigers and bears (oh my!). Or rhinos, elephants, great apes and orang-utans....

When you look at the photo above, it’s hard to imagine any association with say… lions and tigers and bears (oh my!). Or rhinos, elephants, great apes and orang-utans.

We CAN make a difference! When you look at the photo above, it’s hard to imagine any association with say… lions and tigers and bears (oh my!). Or rhinos, elephants, great apes and orang-utans. And yet tomorrow – Thursday September 13, 2018 – that exact same open-air stage is going to be the location of an amazing wildlife conservation fundraising event. The first event of its kind in Ibiza, MAAC (Music Against Animal Cruelty) presents WILD at Ushuaïa Ibiza, where ALL profits go towards wildlife conservation. ALL. Not 5%, not 25%, not just the spare change collected on the door or donations from VIP patrons. 100% OF ALL PROFITS. On top of that, all DJs – and there are some serious heavy hitters on that line-up – are performing for free, which equates to less expenses for the venue, more money for the animals. WINNING.

In case you didn’t know, MAAC is a non-profit organisation founded by Jonny White of Art Department, founder of Pulse Global Wade Cawood and founder of Tears for Tigers Jack Baucher. The three amigos shared a very common passion for animal conservation (you can read more about their journeys here) and see the foundation as something that can grow into a hugely important and influential movement. “This isn’t just techno against animal cruelty,” says Jonny White. “The bigger picture is garnering support of the music industry at large, the same way the industry has been successful in the past with initiatives like LIVE AID.” Who needs Bono when we’ve got these huge hearts at the helm?

The first event draws on the dance music sector, with MAAC ambassadors Adam Beyer, Art Department, Bedouin, DJ Sneak, Ida Engberg, Lauren Lane, Nitin and Tiga set to perform, plus very special guest Black Coffee and an unannounced major league guest who will be revealed on the day. You don’t need to be an activist, a conservationist, a campaigner or even a vegan to get involved. All you need to do is turn up and have a good time (just think – the more you drink, the more you are donating! Not that I’d promote irresponsible service of alcohol of course… but one for the road might not hurt) and you will be actively contributing to the greater good of the animal kingdom.

Now – if the epic line-up and thought of partying for a good cause isn’t quite enough to get you there, please let me share some un-fun facts I learned from MAAC that will tug on your heart strings and quite possibly bring you to tears. (And I should know – I cried my heart out when researching this blog.) 20% of the world’s seven to 15 million species could be gone in the next 30 years. Excuse my French, but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? This rate of extinction is unprecedented since the disappearance of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. And the major difference is… human beings are directly responsible for this. The trade in illegal wildlife is estimated to be worth over $15 billion USD per year. WE DID THIS. I mean, not you, and not me, but humans as a species. And I think only humans have the power to stop other humans from creating such shameful situations and circumstances.

Every single day, human beings create 3,500 lives. At the same time, every single day, we lose one or more entire species of animal or plant life. As a matter of fact, we lose 27,000 species per year. For anyone who wants to use the survival of the fittest argument… I dare you to go into the jungle and try to kill a tiger or an ape with your bare hands before you open your mouth. I doubt you’ll be last man (or woman) standing. But hey, at least you won’t argue anymore! I digress – back to the facts. 97% of the world’s wild tiger population has been destroyed in the last 100 years. That means only 3% are left. THREE PERCENT! 50% of African lions have disappeared in the last 25 years. 30,000 elephants are slaughtered per year for their ivory. 3,000 apes are being taken from the wild each year. 90% of the world’s rhinos have been killed in the last 40 years. Just this year, the world’s very last white rhino died in Kenya. And please don’t watch this video about orang-utans if you don’t want your heart to break.

Animals don’t have a voice. Animals don’t have money. Animals don’t possess weapons to fight against man-made bullets, spears, knives and machines. Animals cannot control the situations human beings put them in. But we can. We have voices – let’s use them. We have money – let’s donate it. Events like MAAC presents WILD at Ushuaïa Ibiza – these are our weapons. We’re fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves, in the easiest possible way we know how. All you have to do is dance. The idea of a world without lions and tigers and bears: oh my… GOD. It’s just unthinkable. Let’s join together and make sure it doesn’t ever become reality. Not on our watch.