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Raindrops keep falling on my island…

Anyone who knows me, or has been regularly reading my blog, will be familiar with the fact I love it when it rains in Ibiza. I crave the days...

Anyone who knows me, or has been reading my blog for the last ten years or so, will already be familiar with the fact I love it when it rains in Ibiza.

I crave the days when the skies are black aside from the odd jagged lightning strike and the rain comes in the windows sideways; when all the drains in the plaza below my apartment overflow and cause calf-deep flash flooding (and chaos); when cars can’t actually move because all the roads seem to have temporarily disappeared underwater. I love those times when you see people in the street fighting a losing battle against their umbrellas turning inside out; when tourists beg local shopkeepers to give them bin bags to wear as protection; when eventually, those caught in the storm just give up and let themselves get soaked. Half the people who surrender look like they’re having the time of their lives, their eyes lit up with joy as their entire group of friends are doubled over with laughter, water streaming down their faces and their clothes completely drenched. The others… well, they look wet, soggy, downtrodden, defeated and grumpy. Which would you rather be?

The sound of the rain makes me so happy. I love the way it starts with a little quiet pitter patter – especially if you have old rustic wooden shutters like I do on your windows – the drops start tap, tap, tapping on the wood and then all of a sudden, they come full pelt like a shower turned on full stream. The splattering sound of the rain hitting your roof – be it the roof of your terrace, your house or your car… it’s music to my ears. The rain can come so quickly here that if you’re not looking outside at the time, it’s these sounds that alerts you to its arrival. One minute it can be sunny; the next, dark and stormy. Breathing in the unmistakable scent of the rain is another source of happiness. When it’s so hot outside and the rain hammers the cobbled streets below – there’s a certain smell that I can’t describe that floats through the winding little streets of Dalt Vila. I recently leaned this is called petrichor – aka eau de la lluvia. In the countryside, it’s amplified with the smell of wet grass, wet dirt… I even like the smell of wet animals. When my cats follow their natural instinct to go out on the roof terrace to see what’s happening and then come flying down the stairs so very quickly once they realise the water is not for them – that musty scent of rain-on-fur… it makes me smile (as does their foolish curiosity that drives them outdoors in the rain every time).

Rain is the perfect excuse to stay indoors. Whether you want to snuggle up on the sofa, invest heavily in a Netflix binge, read a book, write a book, cook, sleep, work… or simply do nothing. Just watch and listen to the rain fall. If you’re not prepared for the rain, thankfully there are still brave souls who’ll deliver food in all-weather, so you’re never stuck in a downpour with no source of sustenance. But then again, when you do venture out in the rain, there’s something so electric about the atmosphere. It’s like everyone bands together as a community, determined not to let a little (or a lot) water spoil their good times. Whether you’re huddled inside a normally wide open Ibiza beach club, dashing inside a nightclub after waiting in a queue, or dancing in the rain with reckless abandonment in an open-air venue, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of togetherness the weather creates.

Raindrops are endlessly fascinating too. Watch them roll down your windows; see them splat on the ground; watch them splash into puddles or swimming pools; see them slide down long leaves or balance precariously on flower petals. Despite the fact that the rain is a powerful force we cannot ever hope to control, the beauty it creates can be de-stressing. And let’s not forget – we need the rain. Our crops, our gardens, our farms, our forests, our plants… they all spring to life after a rainstorm. I adore rainy days, and indeed, rainy weeks like we’ve had in Ibiza recently. And this doesn’t make me a bad person whatsoever – in fact, it makes me a pluviophile, and I’m sure I’m not the only one on Ibiza. This is the term for a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. Of course I empathise with anyone who feel their holidays have been a washout, but what can you do? The way I see it, a rainy day doesn’t mean we’re experiencing bad weather. It’s all about perception…