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The Equinox, Happiness Day and other days that matter

Yesterday, I woke up to a message wishing me a happy spring equinox. Which was a lovely sentiment. I mean, who doesn’t want balance and abundance in their lives?

Yesterday, I woke up to a message wishing me a happy spring equinox. Which was a lovely sentiment.

I mean, who doesn’t want balance and abundance in their lives, not to mention the chance to spring forth from the darkness into the light every now and then (or once a year as the case may be)? Just a few minutes after I’d contemplated the official change of season and all the goodness that comes with the arrival of spring, my social media feed started buzzing with posts about the International Day of Happiness. Hmm, yet another occasion to ‘celebrate’ – which got me thinking… There are so many ‘days’ out there now… I feel like the buzz surrounding International Women’s Day has only just died down, and just before that we were celebrating the lovely local Balearic Day holiday. I seem to remember a vague reference to World Wildlife Day. In the not too distant past there was also Valentine’s Day, Three Kings Day, New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Christmas… you know, the typical ones we all have stored in our memory banks. But did you know we’ve just missed Street Children’s Day (Jan 31), Working Naked Day (Feb 2 – thank god I work from home), International Cat Day (my personal fave – Feb 20), Meatball Day (March 9 – yum!), World Sleep Day (March 16 – do you get to sleep for 24 hours?), the much-needed No Selfie Day (March 16) and far too many more to mention. Some serious (like the World Day of Social Justice on Feb 20) and some not so serious (like that certain day on March 14 involving steak and oral sex that was clearly invented by a man who may want to argue that he was quite serious about it). It turns out there are far more awareness days than actual days in the calendar when you ask your friend Google to enlighten you on what other special dates you should start to look forward to in the calendar. Side note: In case anyone is wondering, in addition to the Spring Equinox and the International Day of Happiness, yesterday (March 20) was also World Sparrow Day, World Oral Health Day, the International Day of Francophonie, Proposal Day, World Storytelling Day, Snowman Burning Day, Ravioli Day and perhaps one we really should be standing up and making a fuss over: World Rights to Water Day.

Photo above by Ana Lui. Here in Ibiza, we have our own special set of ‘days’ to look forward to, many of which revolve around the openings and closings of our favourite restaurants, clubs and venues – none of which are found in Google’s generic list, but all of which will be imprinted on my brain forever, nonetheless. This week marks two particularly special dates in the Ibiza lovers’ diary – that is, Friday March 23, 2018 – the debauchery-filled Bambuddha Opening and Sunday March 25, 2018 – the sun-filled Atzaró Fiesta de La Primavera. Most islanders consider both of these events to be the island’s unofficial season openings. Signifying the lead-up to the official summer, which we all pretty much agree begins from the date of the Space opening party. Oops, I mean the Hï Ibiza opening party (old habits and all that). Although it looks this year Amnesia are doing their best to become a contender to take over that ‘day’, with the opening party now announced for May 12, 2018. MAY 12! Are they crazy? Don’t they KNOW that is International Nurses Day, Limerick Day, Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and Nutty Fudge Day? In all seriousness… is that going to work? Will there be enough party people on the island at that time to fill those cavernous two rooms? Time will tell I guess. I know I’ll be there – it’s been a while in between Luciano gigs! But before I get ahead of myself, we’ve got Easter and we’ve got the Medieval Festival to look forward to on the Ibiza calendar – two of my favourite weekends of the year without a doubt. Once those occasions have passed, we can start making lists of all the best openings to attend (Cocoon at Pacha on May 31, 2018 has got to be THE most anticipated opening of the season) and enter that blessed time period when you only know what day it is by what party you’re at – though admittedly, it’s going to be hard to recognise Wednesdays with Sven at the helm. Those old habits again.

Until then, let’s spare a thought for all those other awareness days as and when we’re reminded of them on social media. We all know April Fool’s Day is on the horizon, but did you know April 7 is Beer Day (coincidentally also World Health Day, hmmm) and April 9 is Unicorn Day? A few days later on April 16, it’s Wear Pyjamas To Work Day – I won’t have to try very hard for that one. April 22 is Earth Day, April 27 is Hairball Awareness Day (hot topic in my cat-filled house!) and April 29 is International Dance Day. And then my own personal favourite is just around the corner: May the Fourth (anyone who loves Star Wars will get it… everyone else can look it up!). And then DC-10 is opening on May 21… oh I could go on forever. Except it’s World Poetry Day today and I’m not sure this blog is quite worthy of going on and on and on… If you there’s not a ‘day’ that takes your fancy, don’t worry! March 26 is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, so you can take matters into your own hands. Surely #alldaysmatter anyway?