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Woah… we’re halfway there

I have waited my whole life to write that headline and now the day has finally arrived. As far as the 2018 Ibiza season goes, we’ve officially reached the...

I have waited my whole life to write that headline and now the day has finally arrived. As far as the 2018 Ibiza season goes, we’ve officially reached the halfway point.

What? I hear some of you think. The season kicked off in mid-May and we’re already in August – this girl is pretty bad with numbers. But no, dear readers, I have crunched the numbers and checked them on a calendar and when you consider the summer extends all the way through until mid-October (even all the way to Halloween if you’re hard core), I can finally feel free to quote the great Jon Bon Jovi. Woooah – we’re halfway there! But what does this mean in reality, besides the fact I get to legitimately quote my childhood hero* in an article? Well, if you’re an Ibiza visitor it means you better get your skates on and book your summer holiday! [Random aside, but since we’re on the subject of skates anyway – have you seen the all-new Roller Disco at The Zoo Project? MUST do that before summer is over!] The clock is ticking, the prices of flights will soon start to rise and hotels and all the best villas will be booked out before you know it. Don’t let the season escape you without coming to visit!

For islanders, it means August – and all of its unique-to-Ibiza challenges – has arrived. [cue disgruntled sigh] If you want to put a more positive spin on it, it means the magical month of September is just four weeks away! [cue wistful sigh]. August is the month the island seems to triple in volume – of people, of cars, of boats, of parties, of EVERYTHING – while also tripling in heat. It’s the month where you really do need to exercise more caution and patience than any other throughout the year. In my opinion, it’s also the month where you need to practice gratitude – while it may seem like an inconvenience to some, this influx of tourism is what allows many businesses to extend their operations to the later months of the year when workers are less busy and have time to enjoy it. For seasonal workers, that’s just two more pay days to save those pennies for your winter rent/travel/living. For people who work all year round, like me, it’s a reminder that there are just over two more months to be frivolous and indulge in all the things that make the Ibiza summer so amazing – whether it’s a highly decadent dinner in a restaurant that closes at the end of summer, or the chance to watch the sun set into the sea from the west coast hotspots or watch the sun rise after a midweek night of clubbing. It means there’s only around two months left where the water temperature is still warm enough to go swimming without cringing (well as far as I’m concerned – it’s only one month!) but then again, there’s only two months to go before it’s easy to park at the beach and even easier to find a place that isn’t crowded.

The thing about the halfway point is, depending on your lifestyle on the island or your relationship to Ibiza, you can look at it in a cup half empty or full kind of way. You can be happy that there’s still so much time left to enjoy the island, or you can be sad that it will all be over before we know it. You can be annoyed that all your favourite places are filled with tourists, or you can be grateful that you’ll have the island to yourself again soon. You can choose to capitalise on the busy season before it disappears or you can opt to hibernate until it’s over. Ibiza means something different to everyone and we should always respect each other’s right to enjoy the island in our own unique ways. Whether you’ve had a good season, a bad season, or a season that is j-u-u-s-t right, you can always apply the lyrics of my all-time favourite song to the remainder of the summer. With 10 weeks down, and with 10 weeks to go, the best is yet to come… We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not We’ve got each other and that’s a lot for love We’ll give it a shot Living on a Prayer – Bon Jovi – 1986 *A note to any other die hard Bon Jovi fans out there, I must admit, JBJ was never really my favourite. I was much more more a fan of Richie Sambora, the Heather Locklear and Cher dating guitarist. SWOON. I even learnt to play Wanted Dead or Alive on guitar I was so inspired by him, not to mention wearing peace signs and cowboy hats. But that’s a blog for another time… and probably another platform!