Ibiza foodies

Morning glory

Grand by name and grand by nature, breakfast at Ibiza Gran Hotel is a well-deserved indulgence.

Open to external visitors in addition to hotel guests, The Grand Breakfast at Ibiza Gran Hotel is perfect for a special occasion or just a well-deserved indulgence.

It’s been said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It replenishes and boosts your energy; keeps you alert and delivers essential nutrients after the fast of sleeping. That’s what the science wants you to believe, but let’s face it: we all agree breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it’s simply the tastiest, not to mention the most versatile. The most delicious breakfast in Ibiza is without a doubt The Grand Breakfast at the five-star Grand Luxe resort Ibiza Gran Hotel. And the best part of it? You don’t have to be a guest to indulge.

The gentle notes of a Spanish guitarist drift into the room from the patio of Ibiza Gran Hotel’s Costa Mara restaurant. Outside, tables are shaded with chic parasols and diners sip freshly squeezed juices while tiny, rotund sparrows greet the new day chittering and chiriping across the perfectly manicured lawn. Guests smile as the blue sky casts an invitation to relax and enjoy the morning. Inside, under the cottony softness of the cloud-like art installation in the Costa Mara dining room, a series of picture-perfect buffet tables display dishes upon dishes of breakfast delicacies, served in individual single-serve portions by the hotel’s ever-so-friendly buffetiers, while waiters bring coffee made-to-order directly to your table.

A variety of freshly squeezed juices sit alongside slightly more tempting options (depending on your tastes of course), such as French champagne and chocolate milk. The Ibiza Gran Hotel cereal bar is loaded with a vast selection to suit all ages and appetites, from granola to Fruit Loops in addition to dozens of jars filled with nuts, dried fruits and other toppings. Kids will no doubt zoom in on the amazing chocolate fountain and containers of marshmallows, Smarties and sweets. Parents shouldn’t worry too much though, as just behind this mouth-watering display of saccharine confection is the fruit bar. Fresh watermelon, juicy peaches and nectarines, melons, pineapple and more – all fresh from the farms of Ibiza – line chilled platters waiting for a dollop of creamy yoghurt. The dairy section houses the cutest glass pots of yoghurts, either plain or flavoured with fresh fruits as well as mini jars of chopped feta and queso fresco.

From here you will catch the sizzle of hot pans and the scent of bacon. This is the epicentre of breakfast at Ibiza Gran Hotel. The hot bar is manned by a jovial chef in crisp whites wielding a set of pans and a cornucopia of fresh ingredients. Eggs any way – fried, poached, scrambled or whipped into a tasty omelette topped with mushrooms, peppers, onion and any other combination you can think of. Bacon sits in a glass and silver bain-marie split into two sections. Thin crispy rashers on one side and thick fleshy rounds on the other. The chefs at Ibiza Gran Hotel understand the importance of bacon and consistently replenish the supply so it never runs out. While you’re at the hot station, be sure to heap the new potatoes tossed with truffle, asparagus and cheese onto your plate, plus a heaping of homemade baked beans that never go astray at breakfast time.

Moving through this labyrinth of delicious stations, you’ll arrive at the charcuterie section. Another Ibiza Gran Hotel chef expertly slices wheels of cheeses, next to marinated cubes of pecorino, Manchego, oozing brie, dishes of white anchovies and olives, thinly sliced Jamon Iberico, bresaola, roasted turkey, miniature chorizo and fuet, plus cubes of cured pancetta all pair perfectly with any of the breads found at the baked goods station next door. This is a true bakers’ masterpiece. Dozens of different loaves sit alongside several choices of rolls as well as trays of croissants, muffins and Danishes. But then come the crepes…

Every hotel breakfast situation should have a crepe bar and Ibiza Gran Hotel takes this concept to the next level. A chef skilfully smooths batter over the hotplate, in front of him sit bowls containing enhancements such as chocolate spread, fresh strawberries, whipped cream, caramel and banana. But wait – there’s more. Cake for breakfast is always allowed when you are on holiday or celebrating a special occasion. Ibiza Gran Hotel Pastry Chef, Juliana Ramucci shows off her extreme talent via flavours such as Red Velvet, mango, pistachio, and chocolate all of which appear in several amalgamations like bright jewels. Pudding pots and logs, tarts and delicate ovals, each morsel exploding with a sweetness that is perfectly sated with a freshly brewed coffee – order one with coffee flavoured ice for a real summer boost.

Open daily from 7.30am to 11.30am, The Grand Breakfast at Ibiza Gran Hotel is one of those intensely satisfying culinary experiences that makes a holiday or weekend extra special. Local and seasonal produce attended to by focused and careful chefs burst with flavour, beautifully displayed in a safe, clean environment. Each dish has been thoughtfully prepared to the exacting standards set by the hotel – in fact, the entire operation is overseen by Ibiza Gran Hotel’s extraordinarily talented and passionate executive chef, Óscar Molina.

Open to external visitors in addition to hotel guests, the ultimate way to complete this morning glory is to add a spa pass to your Ibiza Gran Hotel experience, and casually stroll from the dining room into the welcoming environment of Open Spa. Follow this up with a few hours by the pool and you have one of those Ibiza mornings that tick all the boxes. Grand by name, grand by nature – The Grand Breakfast is indulgent, delicious, soothing and something each of us deserves now more than ever.