MTV Jezebel Flying Lounge Club launch: 23.06.10

Jade Jagger, Flying Lounge Club

OK, so you may want to take a seat for this news because it may come as a shock to many of you. Today, Miss W *GULP* left the island.

Yes, that’s right, today I boarded a place bound for Madrid and said adios to my white island paradise for, oooh, approximately eight hours in total, to attend the launch of an all-new collaboration between Vueling airlines and Ibiza’s favourite (long-term) adopted A-lister, Jade Jagger. Who says I’m stuck in my ways?

Jade Jagger, Flying Lounge Club

Upon arrival in Madrid, we were ferried from the main airport to a giant hangar, a process that involved showing one’s passport and being checked off a guest list – not altogether different to a club in Ibiza really – to gain access to the event. Of course, just like Ibiza, there was a VIP list and of course we were on it, so within minutes we were ushered inside the mammoth space to witness the unveiling of the MTV Jezebel Flying Lounge Club.

A collaboration between Jade Jagger, MTV and Vueling airlines, the Flying Lounge Club is basically an Airbus 320 which has been given an Ibiza-style makeover for the summer season, at the hands of Jade and her Jezebel crew. ‘I spend so much time on planes,’ said jet-setter Jade, ‘So obviously I fantasise a lot about what I could do with them, and how I would love to make them look.’ The fantasy became reality, as she gave both the interior and the exterior of the aircraft the complete Jezebel overhaul.

Emblazoned with an enormous MTV logo, plus plenty of telltale Jezebel symbols, like disco balls, headphones and that famous lip logo, this plane was definitely making a statement… get on board and rave perhaps?

Jezebel Flying Lounge Club

Inside, the Jezebel touches were even better – gold leather seating replaced those icky beige seats and headrests you may be used to, soft, sassy pink lighting took over from the ‘ugly lights’ normally associated with a plane, super-cool Jezebel branded pink headphones were supplied to watch a trendy in-flight entertainment program that includes the best reality TV shows on offer and music by some amazing up and coming bands Delorean and Boat Beam, to make your flight nothing less than a pure pleasure.

Jade Jagger, Flying Lounge Club

I’ve got to admit here, it surprised me that throughout the entire event, that no one made the pun that this was an all-new way to ‘get high’… Then again, the press conference was held entirely in Spanish, so perhaps I may have missed something (give me a break, I’m still learning!).

Ready to get packing? The Jezebel Flying Lounge Club will be traveling to over 50 destinations this summer, however scoring a seat onboard is completely pot luck as the plane is just part of Vueling’s regular fleet – so cross your fingers it’s on your flight route!

Jade Jagger, Flying Lounge Club


THE GOOD: Seeing the Jezebel brand – born and bred in Ibiza – become recognised and embraced as one of THE coolest lifestyle brands in Europe. Can’t wait to see the plane flying over DC10 or the Space rooftop, en route to Ibiza airport – keep your eyes peeled!

THE BAD: Look. I’ll be honest. I thought, when I got the invitation to today’s event, I’d be taken up on a joyride on Jezebel Air (so to speak!). However we flew via ‘regular’ Vueling both ways, and I felt just a little bit jibbed just walking up and down the aisles while it was in the hangar. A little part of me (the part that forgets about her carbon footprint) reeeeeally wanted to fly back to Ibiza wearing those pink headphones and watching reality TV shows, you know?  Maybe next time.

THE GOSSIP: Could the paparazzi be any more tacky? One smarmy photographer managed to weasel his way in to a very convenient side angle while Jade was on stage, scoring a shot that the papers were dubbing a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ within hours. OH PLEASE. So you saw a little bit of side boob, as Peter Griffin would say. There was no need to run around the hangar showing it off to all of the other photographers (and selling it no doubt) like you’d just found the Holy Grail. Seriously… get a life!

Jade Jagger, Flying Lounge Club