A case of the Closing Party Blues: 19/10/08

Just yesterday I found myself wondering whether I could possibly attend another closing party. I mean, seriously, haven’t we been to enough already? Must we really keep saying goodbye? It seems Miss W has caught a serious case of the Closing Party Blues.

Of course it was only for a few minutes.
Then I had a serious word to myself to help snap me out of my misery. I mean, why would anyone lament the fact there are so many reasons to go out, so many parties to attend, so many friends to see and so much fun to be had?

The source of Miss W’s CPB can be attributed to the fact that she doesn’t really understand why people would actually voluntarily CHOOSE to leave Ibiza. While she’s staying put on the beautiful white isle for a Fabulous Winter (and very happy about her decision thank you very much!), many of her wonderful friends will be leaving to go on fabulous adventures, experience new parts of the world, meet new people and party in different places.

And before you start thinking this is a case of the lonelies, envy or even just all about me, me, me, let me stop you right there. I totally respect my friends’ lifestyles and choices – after all, Ibiza is all about accepting one another for who we are, live and let live and all that – it’s just that I just want them all to live and let live in Ibiza to experience the seasonal differences!

You see the thing is, I know a secret. Want me to let you in on it? You sure? Promise you won’t tell a soul? Just between you and me, right? OK, here goes. Ibiza in the winter is even more spectacular – and more fun – than in the summer.

Yes, you read correctly. Come November, the island sheds her summer façade and becomes a veritable playground for those in the know. We have gorgeous weather, tranquil beaches, delectable gourmet restaurants, outdoor festivals aplenty, spectacular shopping, unique markets, stunning countryside, a thriving nightlife, intimate parties, thrilling romances (well, a girl can only hope!), a close-knit and like-minded community… I could go on and on forever. Don’t even get me started on Christmas and New Year – quite simply, it’s the best place I’ve ever spent the festive season in the world.

You’ll have to excuse me for sounding like a representative of the tourism board, but I love Ibiza so much, I want to share her with the world.

But please don’t all rush here at once will you? I need to get some sleep before all the fun starts…


THE GOOD: The winter opening parties are just around the corner. These are undoubtedly the cure for CPB – and are just as exciting (if not more) than the summer openings. Stay tuned…

THE BAD: The tearful goodbyes of course – I’ll miss you all so much!

THE GOSSIP: The gossip at this time of year on the island is all about who is staying on the island… and just occasionally, how long they’ll last. Obviously Ibiza in the winter isn’t for everyone, otherwise it would be incredibly overcrowded all year long – it helps if you know the right people and have the right connections – thankfully, Miss W will be on hand to continue reporting on what’s going on where and with whom!