Kama Night @ Bombay Lounge: 29/11/08

When the news of a fledgling events company – born in Ibiza during the winter months rather than the slew that pop up throughout summer – promoting weekly parties in a venue that has undergone a recent, and may we say amazing renovation reached her ears, Miss W has to admit that her interest was peaked.

Within just a few short weeks, Sanskrit Events – the brainchild of Pacha Magazine ad-man Massimo Shadi Saab, inspired by Indian culture and driven by the Kama Sutra’s sultriness according to its promotional material – has gone from hosting one weekly party at the newly revamped Bombay Lounge to three. Thursdays give you Vatsyayana with Jazz Music, Fridays Funky Sutra being (as the name suggests) funky house flavoured and Saturdays play host to Kama Night – and tonight, Miss W was going to find out just what all that was about.

Upon entering Bombay Lounge, the first thing that struck me was what a modern and international appeal this place has gained with its makeover – a chic space decorated in multiple shades of rich and earthy warm brown tones, from lush leather couches and glossy wooden tabletops to pile upon pile of comfortable cushions and impressively regal columns. Add some strategically placed bronzed Buddhas, flattering soft lamps complemented by plenty of candlelight and a cosy fireplace and it looks like the new kid in town is certainly making a dramatic entrance.

Beyond the daybed style booths was the crowded bar area – it seems Ibiza’s locals don’t like to be restricted to just one booth, sofa or table, preferring to hop from group to group since everyone knew practically everyone and everyone who was anyone was here anyway – and the DJ booth, where island fave Angel Cielo was spinning some smooth house grooves with a constant smile on his face. No surprise given the reaction he was getting from the crowd, who seem quite enamoured of their new watering hole and its entertainment.

The good news for those girls who like to travel light on a night out is that Bombay closes at the incredibly tame hour of 3am, meaning there’s no need to pack your sunglasses… unless you head across the road to Pacha of course!


THE GOOD: The amazing transformation from the old Sante Fe to its current incarnation as Bombay Lounge – this is a bar that wouldn’t be out of place in any of the major cities around the world.

THE BAD: While the venue is notably attracting a good crowd, the quality of drinks being served didn’t quite live up to its glamorous surrounds or clientele. I don’t know about you, but Miss W certainly doesn’t like her vodka and tonic served in a jumbo-sized chunky glass without a straw and very little ice – or am I just being overly fussy?

THE GOSSIP: As the neighboring corner plays host to one of the island’s biggest high-glamour heavyweights – that’s right folks, Pacha is located directly opposite Bombay Lounge – one has to wonder how the competition will affect both venues. But then again, sometimes a little competition is healthy, don’t you think?