Underground closing party: 15/10/08

Congratulations residents and guests of Ibiza! We’ve reached the middle of October, we’re still in one piece and we still have more parties to attend. It seems the season is getting longer and longer… and Miss W doesn’t think that’s a bad thing.

Tonight marks a very important date on the Ibiza party calendar and that’s the closing party of San Rafael haunt, Underground. Ask many a long-time island resident where their favourite place to go out in Ibiza is and the answer is usually a resounding ‘Underground.’ Then there are those lucky tourists who stumble across the venue by accident who make a point of returning again and again.

Being a venue where you can sit in a corner entrenched in a deep and meaningful conversation or get lost in the thick of the (not-so-huge) dance floor or simply hang out at one of the bars bumping into everyone you’ve ever met on the island, it’s easy to see why this is such a popular place. Speaking of everyone I’ve ever met – well actually, it was more like speaking TO everyone I’ve ever met – they were all here tonight.

From my yoga teacher to my hypnotherapist, my favourite waiter and all those bartenders who’ve been dutifully crushing the mint and sugar in my mojitos all summer, the DJs who’ve been kept me dancing every night plus all my island friends and family, it was difficult to walk more than a metre without bumping face-first into your new best friend/long-lost cousin/ex-boyfriend’s sister’s roommate.

Even with her leg in a cast, one islander – who Miss W thinks must be the only person in the world who can make a broken leg look glamorous – still managed to set up camp in the heated courtyard. Now that’s dedication.

This was quite possibly the most crowded I’ve seen the Underground this summer which made it a little difficult to get a drink, a little difficult to get to the bathroom and a little difficult to find any space on the dance floor. But did I hear any complaints about this? None whatsoever!

A standing ovation must go to special guest DJ Valentino Kanzyani who – if you squint your eyes looks just a little like Luciano – along with Underground residents Justin Field and Don Juanito. At once point, Miss W couldn’t help but notice there seemed to be every single DJ on the island all crammed behind the booth at once – don’t these guys ever want a night off?

Thankfully for us, no they don’t!


THE GOOD: Feeling safe in the knowledge that after a well earned break, Underground will be back to give the island’s winter residents one more reason to get out of the house.

THE BAD: On their website, they say ‘It’s not for everybody’, however Underground was so crowded that it felt like literally EVERYBODY who was still on the island was here tonight! So much for it remaining our little secret…

THE GOSSIP: While a lot of guests (Miss W included) left the premises at the respectable hour of 6am when the music was turned down and the lights turned up, a very reliable rumour has it Underground hosted a very exclusive on-premises after party which carried on until 1pm that day.